Rhino boss walking in air


Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: Misc]
Region: [US]

Rhino boss walking in air across from Pagoda of Boundless Lust

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


It’s magic, I tell you.
I still see rhino’s in trees…


I killed one this day. A black rhino, the death blow sent it flying into the air like a deflating balloon. I had to chase after in the dark, ran into a second rhino and an elephant while looking. The grey rhinos fly away too. The elephant just bounced.


I once sent a mammoth from nordhof to almost asagarth. Funniest thing ever.


At first I thought it was the 5 crimson lotus powders but no went back and he is still floating about 3 foot above the terrain and over the water occasionally and it has massive hps I shot it with poison arrow and nada and he went up a tree after me right by the place his chest is. So yes he is floating like a butterfly…


I’ve seen this bug, too: PC, single player. Same location.


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