Rhino Following Distance

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

The following distance of pet rhinos is far too close. While mining they will clip into you causing you to hit them instead of the ore. Same with firing bows their horns will block charged arrow shots. Very noticeable with greater rhinos.


  1. Get a pet rhino
  2. walk around try to mine / shoot
  3. watch rhino horn clip through you

Hey there @StarMine

Our team is aware of that and they’re teaching the notion of personal space to those horned beasts.
Thanks for your feedback.


Same goes for crocs, if you have the bad idea to take them with you outside.

One of the reason, i use only some of the pets to help me while farming, or in fights. While most do theyr job, the stand over prey, or run in you is ennoying and make you lose lot time pushing them around.

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Thanks for the response. Gonna moan abit but shouldn’t something as noticeable as this been picked up when testing it before release? Bit worrying when features are being added with very obvious issues.

Sure, should, but there are many things that should, be it in rl or in this game. :wink:

Jump by in testlive, and help us test the new coming patches and stuff.

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