Rise of the Kingslayers (Heavier RP Light PVP WHITELISTED US-EU-AUS)

Are you on the server discord?

Still going strong event was a blast!

Come join our twenty plus player peak times! Server been up since 1st of january and not disappearing anytime soon!

Still alive! Server tournament soon! COme and prove your skill!

The tournament event went better than I expected. Good player turn out. Always room for more however

New custom dungeon coming up!

Server has just been wiped due to technical issues. Now is the best time to join!

Still kicking, new event next sunday!

Event today! Come join us!

A new and expanded admin and event team is going to make sure our stories and events are even better than before! Our existing storyline is wrapping up and new exciting things are just around the corner!

Check us out! New storyline starting today!

New storyline is ramping up with map-wide effects!

Something stirs in the dark places of the Exiled Lands… will you help those trying to make new lives, or will you side with the dark powers?

Just had a big successful event, and more are coming every week! If you like a good RP server with big, sprawling server lore and events, come check us out!

Cannibals are rising up threatening those trying to make the Exiled lands home. Will you defend against the bloodthirsty horde? Or will you turn on others an join in the feast?

Server story is picking up more and more, and players are joining different sides! No better time to join in the excitement!

Join now and you’ll be just in time for the new event tomorrow!

Still alive and kicking, with a new sprawling server lore story RP, join now and like all the other players you can effect where the story goes and even take sides!

Always room for more players! Story events every weekend!

Greetings. I attempted to join but the server says it is password protected.