The Perils of Power (PvE-C) - A Story Driven RP Adventure

The Perils of Power PvE-C & RP Server (18+)

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  • U.S. & U.K. Based Admin*
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We are a small but growing community of builders, crafters, adventurers and RP enthusiasts. We offer a fair server that allows for players to interact in the style of their choosing without fear of losing everything. Our RP system is designed to enhance your gameplay but not leave you feeling excluded or left out if RP is not your thing. We encourage exploration as well as decoration and we attempt to foster a sense of community as much as possible. Come see what we have to offer and find your love of the Exiled Lands again on the Perils of Power.

What you can expect to find on the Perils of Power

A deep storyline with player run narrative - We offer a deep, immersive story with boundless material but we need you to write the legends. Will you fight for control of the Setites and guide their future? Or will you seek to build a legacy of peace amongst the New Hope Town Guard? Your fates are written but your destinies are yours to control!

RP Not really your thing? What about building?

Curated mod selection - These lands are now your home but there’s no reason your home need be a drab, sandstone colored hut. Our mods give new options for building materials, decorative items and additional crafting skills and feats. Build a beautiful mansion with fancy wood walls or turn your front yard into a vegetable garden.

But there’s Purges and PvP hours.

Purges are turned off (don’t worry, there are other ways to acquire thralls) and we do not allow raiding or theft of any kind. Our server is designed for those who love the game and that includes the grind. No 5x or 10x on here, we tuned the numbers down so no one is hitting level 60 in a day.

Still Not Sure? You want more you say?

- We have the towns of Blackwing and New Hope as well as the village of Ravenwing. Three hubs of both admin and player run commerce with wares for both in game and RP.

- An in-game economy system that tracks your coin for you. Sell raw materials, coins and other items for cold hard coin! Shop till you drop!

- Extended base gameplay through EEWA w/Ascension; level max is 300. Side quests, giveaways, weekly events, contests…

If you still need more, you’ll just have to ask us in our Discord.

MOD LIST: Steam Workshop::The Perils of Power
DISCORD LINK: The Perils of Power
INSTAGRAM: Login • Instagram

              **Join us on Discord today!  Invite Code: kuTt9vq**

Since we are once more up and running, figured it would be a good idea to bump this thread.

Plenty of seats still at this table.

Nothing to see here, just another BUMP in time.

Archery competition happening this Sunday; no level limits or equipment requirements!

Our first Robin Hood Archery champion has been named! Next up…perhaps a raid on a certain jolly old souls winter fortress :smiley:

Just a friendly bump in an unsafe world.

Evil Santa’s Lair of Doom raid event was an explosive good time.

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Just a lite bump here…half the calories but all the flavor!

Tonight we have our first club meeting…

Just a quick bump to brighten your day.

Hooray! We’ve now added another 5 slots!

It’s official! Fight Club now meets every Sunday night! Come join the chaos!

We finally have our first RP event scheduled!

Our newest feature! All the fun and excitement of a Purge without any harm to your actual base!

Our first boss run was a success! Of course, when you’re running with 7 people all of whom brought thralls, yeah…you gon win.

Just added Friiezy’s Mod, a nifty addition which gives us several floating locations high above the Exiled Lands.

We seem to have hit a small snag with our thralls and pets; many of them simply won’t do much of anything unless they’re following. No problems there folks! Thanks to our highly trained staff of admins we’ve come up with alternative approaches to the traditional hack-and-slash style of Conan. Come try us out today!

Thieves Event

Our Thieves’ Night event was a resounding success with a lot less glitches than I anticipated :smiley:! Tonight is our weekly Fight Club meeting and we have so much more in the pipeline. Come and join us today!

Just here for a friendly bump. We’re having so much fun we’re looking for others to join us! :smiley: