The Perils of Power (PvE-C) - A Story Driven RP Adventure

I would simply like to state that we are currently up and running. The update to 2.4 only shut us down for 24 hours. Now that’s customer service folks :smiley:

For you mod fans…once the insanity of the newest update dies down, we will be adding EEWA to our lineup!

Our small team of admins has been hard at work and have put together our first scalable mini-quest!

Coming this Saturday, May 8th we bring a whole new level of destruction to the Exiled Lands!
Don’t forget, every Sunday night is Fight Club! All levels welcome!
Call of Carnage

No cool announcement this time, just a bump to keep things fresh.

We have our first RP event finally planned and it’s a whopper! A three part series featuring RP, both dialog and mechanics, adventure, mystery, dungeons…this one has it all! All character levels are welcome to join!

P.S. - Just had to immortalize this moment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiling_imp:

After what seemed like an eternity of misfortunes, we are once more happily announcing our first major RP event. The wait, however, was well worth it as the concept has now grown into a 3-part epic quest!

Just added to our lineup, a dose of the ridiculous! A must for fans of 80s arcade games!

The insanity goes down Friday, June 4th at 5:30pm EST.

Despite a minor pyrotechnic malfunction, Donkey King of the Mountain went off spectacularly! We promised ridiculous and it was brought in spades!

This Friday sees the return of our Robin Hood Archery contest.

And this Sunday is Part II of the Perilous Tale adventure!

This is turning into a rather cursed adventure; our own little MacBeth! The first attempt to launch part I had to be scrapped due to multiple issues from all fronts. The second attempt went off rather smoothly I’m happy to report but the first attempt at part II has just been cancelled, once more due to multiple issues. By this I simply mean several players have sudden life instances occur that force them to not be available.

But this is a boon for you! Part II has been rescheduled to next Sunday (same time) so there’s plenty of time to get in and get settled. We tailor our events so all character levels can participate and part I was not mandatory, so anyone can join in on part II.

It would seem that, with things somewhat returning to normal, so too are people losing the free time they once had. So, like many other servers, we’re hitting a lull. Sad, yes, but you can help! An injection of new blood may be just what everyone needs. Take a look at what we have to offer and come check us out. If nothing else, we guarantee a good time.

Well, seems to be a good time for another bump.