RK19 Alien Invasion content, low-level clarifications

I seem to recall someone saying or posting that there would be no sub-L100 alien invastion content or missions. Can someone please verify?

I’ve been gone from the game for a long time and never really experienced much of the alien content, but I do seem to remember being sub-L100 and running out into a field somewhere and getting teleported to a ship to kill aliens. I take it that’s not a thing on RK19?

People from levels 1-99 can do city raids, including boarding the ship. There are currently no other options though:

  • New characters start in a backyard on RK2019, rather than on the ICC Shuttleport (“newbie island”) or Arete (“the new player experience”). There are no aliens there.
  • Daily missions are not available on RK2019.
  • LE missions are not (yet) available on RK2019.
  • The first APF, Sector 10, is only available for people of at least level 100.
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So there’s no way to earn alien experience if you’re not > L100?

As Saavick said, below 100 you can do city raids at org cities for axp.

They need to ADD lower levels AI or else turns newer players starting on RK19 away (this would bring some players back)

To be fair, they DID add lower level AI content, in both LE missions and AI dailies, but neither of these is available on RK2019 yet. They will come when the LE/dailies are enabled.