Struggling leveling

Hi all, recently came back - used to play on RK1 between roughly 2005-2009 and really got back into it about a month ago. I love making new alts but im really struggling around the 100 mark, really cant find a group when im on and soloing around that level (my 97 sold can solo tiigs sure but the xp is very low).

Just hoping for abit of advice if anyone can offer some. Thanks a bunch.

It’s really because there isn’t a ton of people using LFT system to find a group. I’ve had good luck using darknet messages to find a group for 3-4 people that can kill hecklers as a group or getting lucky finding a spot in an ely heckler team… The only real options you have now-a-days is that. Darknet / Ely kite / Active org to level alts.

Brill suggestions, thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you have any type of item that makes you character airborne, I highly suggest The Reck daily missions. They can be done from lvl 90 - 170. Also normal rubika daily missions from the Clan/Omni mission agency.


Dailies. All of them.

Freelancers, Doja Chips, ICC dailies on active weeks, PvP Bar dailies, Reck Dailies.

Between all of them you have about 10 or 12 dailies to do every day for about 5 to 2 levels rewarded depending on your own lvl and your research setting. Plus anywhere between 1 to half an AI lvl.