100-149 is sorta dead only KH is active at some stages

We need more 100>149 active people for heckers teams like old times ;(

I dislike soloing and i am more of social person ;(

Yes this is always been one of the hardest level ranges… even when the game was much more populated!

My best advice is remember it is not a race. Do your dailies, ely quests, scheol quest and just make your way 150+ into adonis/pen and eventually inferno. I play mostly in the evening US West Coast… the servers are a ghost town during that time of day 8pm - 12pm PST.

I am leveling a NT right now. Scheol quest alone was 135 to 152 ish. Unfortunately many solo players probably cannot solo parts of the quest - this should be fixed imo.

The things FC could do to help this situation is for another discussion I suppose.

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Also worth noting that it can be slow and best to have Garden keys before do them but can do Ado SL mission solo (you can not be in team when pull mission) they decentish exp but you want be well geared to attempt them.

They are exactly the same as Inferno mission from similar npc in same spot. you can do ado/pen/inferno all solo pulls. unlike team mission they are 1 floor with a boss rather then 4. I recommend pulling mediums as depending on level easy solo can have grey mobs.

there not as much exp as ado quest but if got some decent gear on it great way just put noise grind and level onwards.