100-149 is sorta dead only KH is active at some stages

We need more 100>149 active people for heckers teams like old times ;(

I dislike soloing and i am more of social person ;(

Yes this is always been one of the hardest level ranges… even when the game was much more populated!

My best advice is remember it is not a race. Do your dailies, ely quests, scheol quest and just make your way 150+ into adonis/pen and eventually inferno. I play mostly in the evening US West Coast… the servers are a ghost town during that time of day 8pm - 12pm PST.

I am leveling a NT right now. Scheol quest alone was 135 to 152 ish. Unfortunately many solo players probably cannot solo parts of the quest - this should be fixed imo.

The things FC could do to help this situation is for another discussion I suppose.

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