Back after almost 11 years ... ouch!

Well husband and myself decided it was time enough to go back to AO …

He was very lucky to find all his old characters from 50 to 214 …

I was very unlucky to find all mine deleted (not complaining i knew that it could happen. I just a little sad about al the cool items i had and will never get again but … its ok.

Started again on 5 classes and leveling them all together (meaning one day each).

Keeper, i love
Advi, i love
Shade, a bit lost but i will get it back i am sure
MA, not sur what to think about it yet
and a little MP, that i find harder to level

For now i am more a reader than a player haha, so much to catch and understand but after one week, we already subbed for 6 months.

Now i have a question : what is the range between two players to be able to team together and not loose xp ?

I guess that to be able to play with my husband i will need to catch him, so when we start from new, to be 200 will take what ? 3, 5 months ?

Thank you

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The help bots will display teaming levels
/tell budanet !level 10 or whatever.

Daily missions speed things up a lot! I seem to recall someone saying it would take approximately three months to get level 200 by just doing dailies, but that’s uninspiring and kinda boring. Powerleveling is another option. Check your old accounts for 7% experience rings, pistols etc. You can buy experience potions via the item shop - Heckler Juice.

Check this:

Get instant access to Level 200 with this bundle of Heckler Juice! This pack includes:
Heckler Juice (Lv. 1 - 60)
Heckler Juice (Lv. 60 - 100)
Heckler Juice (Lv. 100 - 150)
Heckler Juice (Lv. 150 - 200)

You can NOT have the “Disable XP Gain” option selected when using this item. Max level cap is 220. To use this item, you must be within the same region as the ICC Headquarters.

Leveling to 200 is much faster 0-220 equally so without paying for boosters
In my current let’s build series.
Character lands in Arete -23 Jul 2018
Character hits 220 - 20 Sep 2018
And I really take my time for a let’s build series. It could be done in a week.

Thanks to both of you. I was already mixing dailies agency, missions and sub, so i will continue.

I dont remember though if beside those there is sort of quests story ? or city hub quests ?

As for my old account, as it has been stripped of all my chars (i have nothing left on it but a lv 5 character that was still in the old starting area beach haha). I know that i want to have my shade again, and i will do it.

I would use speed boost IF i was not starting to learn everything again. But well as sad as it is to have nothing now, at least i will learn the classes and game to its full.

THank you both again


Always good to see a returner!