What IP were you when you went to South Africa?

I met someone in South Africa today. We did one of the missions as she wanted help with a boss - could not get him down past about half HP without dying.

After the mission we discussed things and it turns out that she was at about IP 180, which meant about half purple and half blue gear.

It’s been a while since I got there but I seem to remember being about IP 300 - all epic gear in the upper half of the range - when I got there.

I advised her to get some higher level gear before trying the other missions as they would be harder.

So my question is: what IP did you have when you entered the compound? How difficult were the missions?

Was I overlevelled? Was she underlevelled?

Was my advice bad?

It sounds like she rushed through story to enter

It’s a little hard to say really.
I think my main was in mythics when I first did SA, but I’ve been there on alts with blues/epics too. I’m not sure if @JimmyTheRabbit took OneIPMan there, but I think he did…

Levelling her gear should make killing stuff easier, and if she was struggling to survive fights, then that’ll probably help. I think it’s possible to do it all, but it’d depend heavily on the build at that point.

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As AWOL said, a good build can make up for subpar gear. But I agree with the assessment that they probably skipped way too much content. One of my alts is just about to start New Dawn at just over 410 IP.

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She said she did all the missions in each area, but I suspect she missed a number of them from not knowing what to look for.

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OneIPMan? I am unfamiliar.

Does he streak or something?

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Jimmy has a character called OneIPMan who has 1 item power (IP). He’s got a green lvl 1 assault rifle, buut all of his talis are the white starter ones that you get in the tutorial. He killed everything up to and including tank commander, but I’m not sure if that included South Africa.

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If you haven’t watched any of Jimmy’s streams, I heartily recommend them; they are awesome fun.

There are no white starter talismans (Even the stuff you get in the tutorial is green). He literally carried only weapons…which I believe left him at 0ip. The one ip came from a step in the tutorial where you have to upgrade and equip a weapon pushing you over 0ip. If that step would have been skipable it would have been the 0ip man XD


Not only OneIPMan, i did a free 2 play character as well that only did the bare minimum to progress through the zones (and was not allowed to use the auction house), so he finished South Africa in blues… and maybe even still a green?