[Tips] Faction missions - speedrunning

Hello everyone!

Decided to finally put my speedrunning video examples here, for anyone who might be interested, since the faction missions’ grind can be very lucrative, and performing those missions efficiently might be something that interests people.

All the important tips are written in the description of each video. Videos are done from the Illuminati point of view, but the main mission parts remain identical. Enjoy!

Into Darkness:

Venetian Missile Crisis:

Rogue Agent:


NIce videos. Even if my combat is vastly slower there are some definite efficiency improvements for me.
Whilst I haven’t timed it, a Teleport and exit via the Occult Museum may be quicker than running Ealdwic for the Phoencian Compound.

Also, one thing I am currently experimenting with is that the road flares stun the filthies. So whilst running up the carpark, tossing a couple of flares (whilst auto-run) onto those shades that do pulls can cancel that effect.
Still working this technique into efficient run though.

Again, nice videos, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the input!

Tested this. The issue is that you have to wait the phone timer to run off anyway. With the London teleport, i only get 1 loading screen, and i arrive at the roflcopter exactly when the mission updates. Teleporting to museum will require extra waiting time. Both are equal.

I’d like you to showcase that, i’m curious. Any time i tried to get any usage out of flares, it always ended up slower than just running. For the 1st shade’s grip, as described in the video, i get to enrage myself and obtain extra 25% movement speed due to Fast and Furious, that helps out a bit.

That Fast and Furious buff would probably be better than messing around with flares.
I’ll keep trying to see if I can beneficial results though, or if others have any successes negating those shades…

In fact, i wonder if Phoenician Support Stratagem could help. Will test this next time.
Edit: Also this new gadget ‘Fey Ley Line’ might prove useful.

Can you manage to get back to Vali to avoid DPS loss on the boss at the end?

Edit: just tried, it all works with the Phoenician! Even managed to switch back to Vali before engaging the boss. I’ll check how much time is gained with this, and eventually upload a new video (replacing the old one).

Love seeing the speedrun mod in action <3

Yes! Also just successfully used the Support Stratagem too, and it is great that you are still able to swap it out for somethiing combat related before that final encounter.

Hello everyone!

Managed to find out a pretty consistent method for Venetian Missile Crisis warehouse part. Now, after the fixes to collectible items, the run takes 45s longer than before.