Hidden cooldown timer on equipment in "Contagion"

The Orochi equipment we use for analyzing filth in the Carpathian Fangs mission “Contagion” has a hidden cooldown timer of what I suspect are 15 seconds.

Given that the mission literally requires jumping into filth puddles to be able to use the analyzer at all, being unawares of the hidden cooldown timer can cause one to accrue a lot of debuff stacks without actually getting data.

Personally, I don’t actually care because I’m so overgeared I just waltz through the zmeu thereno matter how filthy I am.

Someone progressing through the story and actually running this ‘at level’ (i.e in appropriate gear, the tacked-on character level will be 50 regardless), on the other hand, may be massively hampered by this hidden cooldown timer through no ´fault of their own. (Nothing is telling them the gear isn’t ready for the next puddle, after all.)

Irrespective of whether this is actually a bug or technically a design flaw, it really should be changed.


I think this applies to anything in the mission equipment slot? Test Run’s needles also have a hidden cooldown.

Whole bunch of things do this. Mr.Ruffles, tag riffle. All of them can’t be used immediately and you can’t know when you’ll be able to. Which is really annoying. :expressionless:

I probably didn’t notice on other things because the potential of it being a literal killer problem isn’t that big. Those zemu may still be cake walk even with 10 stacks of filth weakened at IP near 700, but at the 100ish someone ‘at level’ would have… ouch.