Speedrunning and how to truely get godlike

So me and the magic awesome Starfox cooked up something new: https://github.com/SecretFox/SpeedrunTimer
A speedrun timer for missions!
Be it to compare against others or against yourself. How fast can you do a mission?

It is preset to “Dusty Dark” but can be set to other missions through debug. We picked Dusty Dark because it’s long and tricky enough to pose some kind of level to optimize (like dropping torch at some points, rushing other rooms etc.)

I hope you guys have fun with it. And give this game a new little community that shows us the true meaning of fast. (For example…how fast can one do Tyler Freeborns arc? The last train to cairo? Cost of Malice…I mean Magic?)


plots tactics in her head I would do CoM for sure lol


Acquire a light source 3s
Light the torch at a wall brazier 5s
Explore the pyramid 29s
Solve the puzzle to open the door 33s
Explore the pyramid 76s
Cross the pit 306s
In the Dusty Dark - Tier 2 completed.
Explore the pyramid 398s
Escape the boulder 508s
Cross the bottomless pit 511s
Escape the mummies 527s
Explore the pyramid 556s
Make it past the traps 641s
Explore the pyramid 674s
Cross the bottomless pit 884s
In the Dusty Dark - Tier 3 completed.
Explore the pyramid 934s
Enable the jump pad 984s
Cross the bottomless pit 991s
In the Dusty Dark - Tier 4 completed.
Explore the pyramid 1045s
Explore the labyrinth 1071s
Navigate the labyrinth 1361s
Investigate the strange room 1389s
Finished at 1389.11s

23 minutes 9(.11) seconds…with a lot of mess ups. I know starfox managed it like a minute faster. Something I need to work on XD

Went in to try and see how it work, but No timer appeared. Didnt have the time to sit down and figure out why yet.

The time is out in the chat, where you normally see mission progress and itmes received.
Currently it has no flashy UI but it’s one of the features looked into by starfox (aka the one making the magic happen).

Oh must of read the readme wrong, was of the impression it would display using the scenario timer x.x

Make sure you downloaded the right files from here https://github.com/SecretFox/SpeedrunTimer/releases (ST-v0.3.0.zip) and extracted them to Secret World Legends\Data\Gui\Custom\Flash\
If the mod is correctly installed it should indeed display the timer where the scenario timer usually appears.
It will also print out the times on system chat channel.
Do note that the timer only starts when you approach the first torch,right after entering the pyramid.

PS: made my new high score, still fell into the pit once though…

Finished at 926.542s
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