Easier than Tokyo?


Is it just me or the mobs (and some world bosses) in South Africa are easier than those in Tokyo?


Uhm. Just you I think. I mean, they’re not hard, but some of them have more HP and more tricks up their sleeves. Bloodied are easier I guess

Did you concider how you IP might have grown since Kaidan (assume you’ve not visited there lately).


SOOO much easier. I figured that it was a case that I had just been ‘Laying Low In The Limelight’ for so long that my slow incremental grind up the ladder had just made me stronger than I had thought. Then I went back and checked. Nope. I can’t vaporise Tokyo baddies like that. They seem to be about the same power as the weaker mobs in early Trans.


Yup! I noticed that immediately. Mobs in Tokyo don’t melt like they do in SA.


I think it’s the same, more or less? I still do a 10 container key route every day, and I mow everything down pretty quickly. Not the container bosses themselves, those take a ‘hair’ longer, more like some of the mobs in my solo scenarios, but I think those are comparable?

I suppose it’s possible they are bit weaker, in some cases, but not dramatically so. My IP is around 682 right now.


Well, as a comparaison, I can kill most mobs in SA in 2-3 shots. While it takes 2-6 shots in Tokyo at my power level. My IP is 449.


being under 300 IP, I can assure you that south africa is more easier than tokyo.
some fights are long due to HP pool, but nothing really noticeable.


Seconded on the Bloodied being relatively easy, but the named mobs / big fights being long. It is probably just getting used to the move sets and abilities of the mobs for the most part. This is at 273 IP.


Okay, fair enough. Maybe I’m far enough along where the difference is harder to notice.


Mobs in SA are beefier but the effects they cause are more chill. Filth humans/evolved filth was a pain through causing a mess, onryo have that bad stun circle etc.
Also stronger gear warps a bit the perception, many mechanics go under in being able to burst down enemies.


The hyena lights kinda throw me off a bit, so the effects are harder on my eyes tbh than the filth effects. Granted Tokyo is ground zero, so it might make sense for them to be stronger story wise. But the SAF mobs are enough to keep me engaged in fighting them even if they’re not particularly more difficult, but this also comes from a not particularly hardcore gamer.

(Ok, the hyena light flashes are kinda my most hated thing now tbh. :frowning:)


Much. The Hyenas for instance just… sit there and channel casts that don’t seem to do much in the way of damage, or put tiny little AoE circles that are no danger whatsoever unless you’re asleep at the keys.

Everything drops faster, too. Except the Hyenas with the damage resist buff they have, but meh.

The entire zone feels balanced around level 1 purple gear which even the most apathetic, button mashing, mouth breathing, “I don’t care, I’m just here super casual” player has long before they would even get here if they started a fresh character today.

South African mobs aren’t created from Filth, though, so the comparison is not really balanced.


You missed my point. Not Ground Zero for Filth, but for all the weird dreamer stuff going on of course Tokyo is harder because the whole place is always full of mobs that aren’t controllable in any way unless you’re John. The mobs in SAF seem to be creations of Marquad that pre-exist the Tokyo bomb, since from Che’s dialogue it was clear they were there when /he/ was a foundling.


No, you miss the point. There’s no basis for comparison. Just because something is born of the Filth doesn’t necessarily make it stronger than something not.

Also, since you want to bring it up, Marquard has some ties to the Dreamers himself if not outright being an avatar of a Dreamer - we still don’t really know - and therefore any of his creations could easily be bigger or badder than something randomly mutated by the Filth.


You /still don’t understand what I’m trying to say/.

I’m just going to agree to disagree.

Edit: No wait, I have more. The filth in Tokyo was born of a massive violent event that is said to have /torn holes in reality/, activating things all over the world. Since the creations of SAF pre-date the bomb and we’ve had weaker dreamer made things already in the game, that doesn’t mean that Marquad’s dreamer ties would make them stronger. Technically, there’s also the factor of Orochi technology, which existed in the old game as the AEGIS shields as well.


That’s fine, but I’m done arguing with you.


You might ALL be right?
Right now we are in the very early stages of Season 2 (in theory, at least), basically we have made it to Kingsmouth Town. Maybe as far as the Skatepark. The Junkyard at the MOST. These are the Training Wheels of our African Adventure.
With any luck, things will get much more interesting (and challenging) once we start moving out of the Compound and into the surrounding areas.
In point of fact, we got a little taste of what is to come in the Basement. We had the option of letting a Cat Monster out of its’ cage. It didn’t seem to be anything special. Not some giant ubermonster that we will face in a raid some day. Just a basic example of what the Congo has to offer. And it squishes us like a bug. One shot kill, no chance whatsoever. Maybe that is the kind of challenge we will be facing. Something that is as far above us now as Filthasaurus Rex is above someone who hasn’t hit the Airport yet.


Suddenly I’m glad I decided not to try attacking it since it was running off so fast…


I’m fine with it being relatively easy, but not relatively easy compared to general Tokyo mobs. I would appreciate a retuning, just not some massive buff. I don’t think core story should be so hard anyway, but it happens that these missions are part of main story progression (added optional missions can be harder and with higher xp/shards/etc rewards, I imagine).

I understand New Dawn being a sort of ‘new start’, as well as being accessible to people in at least Blue gear (it is, I believe; I’d kinda think we’re beyond Green gear yet we’re still getting these as rewards so technically…) but we still are forced to complete Tokyo, and there’s still a sense of gameplay progression we should have, so yeah a bump up from what it is now sounds good. Just not a burst.


I agree, it’s easy but that’s fine. It’s a small stop-off zone concerned mainly with core story. Not everybody in the future will have been grinding Tokyo in advance of arriving there or be hanging around in there long before the next zone.

I also don’t think it make sense for SA to be tougher than Tokyo story-wise and as we’ll likely have similar mobs ramping up in strength in the next zone they need to give some room for it to increase without locking out more casual players.

However, I think they could toughen up the champions a bit.