World boss ease of ability to kill

Because I literally just fought the world boss scorpion and had 1 follower T4 bearer I was able to avoid this guys attacks while simply WALKING! The world bosses obviously needs higher movement speed than an actual player at walking speed I took hate then let the T4 Bearer wearing an my new DLC armor mid grade medium, mine being mid grade heavy armor. Whole time the scorpion followed me Bearer let loose the volley while I took a strole!

I also believe the scorpion also needs its tail sting/stab range increased I’m sorry everytime it tries it I laughed at it, if not range allow the barb if missed to stick in the ground and cause a poisonous cloud for a short duration and if any poison is used on him it heals him so technically the poisonous vapors could assist him. Also make the world bosses have a level of increased health regeneration based off the level of enemies and number of enemies around this guy.

I would give tips on the croc I killed world boss obviously but I don’t recall that fight. Also this is unrelated sandstorm needs to hit all of the desert parts. Roughly 25% of it doesn’t even need it. Please look at or in to this and adjust this the croc was more fun and dangerous in a small pond compared to a badass killer scorpion? Nope. Don’t like it.

One last thing world boss croc beat at lv 50 with a friend lv 38 and a greater sabertooth (Byakko) whom vanished the next day and had a useless T4 named archer who honestly wouldn’t shoot a paper bag if I begged her. Beat the scorpion at lv 56 got the skeleton key can’t open the chest not lv 60 obviously not fair to my awesomeness. Scorpion was beat at 56 with follower Bearer Dono’Thelpup found at the black hand boat for the peeps. Also related to archers fix them he keeps shooting at the air and walking off for hours and doesn’t teleport back until I move.

I can beat the giant crocodiles solo, the telegraphs for their attacks are way too obvious, pretty much stay on their flank and they’re good as dead. I haven’t fought the scorpion world boss yet, but I have tried the spider world boss, found out it was not a good idea to fight it solo, especially now that it corrupts.

I can solo the giant crocodile if I’m awake, but it’ll eat me if I screw up my dodges.

Similarly, the giant scorpion broadcasts its attacks, but it can still surprise me because I suck, and then I get hurt a lot.

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Why even fight?
Build a trap and croc and scorpion r dead within less than a min…

Maybe because some people actually like challenging themselves and not cheesing their way through?

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I ve fought them my self so many times on world bosses I now find it boring to waste. Time on fighting them…

I’m glad you find the king scorpion so easy, I need a clanmate (each of us with a thrall) to defeat it, in medium armor I’m unable to dodge its attack because it has already longer reach than my dodge.

Maybe I’m just so noob in combat, it could be, but I disagree with your suggestion :sweat_smile:

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Use a t4 volcano, cimmerian or set city thrall, equip him with a warhammer and and an epic if possible heavy armour or normal heavy, grab some healing arrows and u do not even need to fight… also build a sandstone staicase, high enough, lure him there an dismantle em from safe place on top and u got him as they take fall dmg without a fight… seek youtube and u will find an easy way…

In my point of view, outsmarting in a survival game worths more than outperform by brute force… done it (and still doing em once every now and then just for the fun). But it is not the way I prefer to spend my time

@Ragnaguard , I use the Captain in silent legion + The Horned Helmet (legendary) wielding a Blade of the Adventurer, I always use healing arrows etc.
and I know the strategy you suggested :wink:

My problem is it’s the only creature of the game I’m unable to defeat in melee without having to retreat and return later (but before he regenerates).

Maybe with better reflexes I would able to run+dodge his tail attack, I’m not so able…In the new dungeon at silver mine anyway I don’t think there is enough space to do it and the tactic you suggested don’t works there.

But dont’ miserunderstand me, I’m not complaining about it’s too strong or something like that, it’s really challenging so I love it. But simple I don’t think it’s requiring to be made even stronger than it is.

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Wear a darfari epic, and equip a spear. Run a bit in a circle around him so u trigger his attack. When he attacks u will be on his side, safe from his claws. Hit with spear twice, dogde back, rinse and repeat. Will take some time but when u coordinate ur attacks correctly, u can solo him unscathed

As for tail attack, just take a hit… lifeblood or ambrosia can counter it easily

I wear an epic flawless aquilonian infantry (medium, 530 armor points) + staff of epimetreus (applied dmg kit before patch so it’s still doing 63 dmgs) and I already used your strategy. Never took dmg by its claws, it’s when it turns around and do the tail 360° attack the problem: a dodge don’t avoid to be hitten and it drain half of my life even with 40 vitality, than I’m on the ground and have to wait my character stands up again, than I run away or I die.

I know HOW fight him, please understand it’s not so easy to do !

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Try darfari as dodge is 50%more distance on roll back and unequip/reequip the lifeblood with a herbal tea or ambrosia or aloe soup combination… ur hp will be restored as u getting up… that is what I am saying… when u get used to the animation before tail swing u will avoid it most of times…

Thans for the info on darfari bonus, I didn’t know :slight_smile:

But the point is: you really want to make stronger a boss you need a specific armor to fight against ? Me no.

That is the main advantage of a light armour ur dodge travels 50%more distance compared to medium… for myself no, but id like them to have more attack animations, will be more challenging :slight_smile:

that’s the problem with old (years old I mean :joy:) players like me, after a year of using medium armors I never even considered to switch to light armor because better for a fight :sweat_smile:

I would also sacrifice a couple of pets or minor thralls to observe how he moves and what he does before the swing…
As for light armours, when u need to dodge they really work great…

The flawless epic Aquilonian light armour for hot climate and the flawless epic Zamorean thief armour for cold climate give both a bonus in Agility with the max protection for light armours. I use both with Ymir T3 axe / Derketo T3 sword and a shield or a pair of daggers if I have enough room to hit’n run. With a medium armour I can’t dodge or backflip far away enough to heal when I need to.