Werehyena bosses too easy

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

The werehyena bosses at The Den are really easy to kill.

I always thought a boss that drops end-game quality legendary gear shouldn’t be so easy to defeat, but then I added their stats to the wiki from the Devkit and the problem is definitely not the stats.


With these stats, they should be significantly more difficult than normal werehyenas, which has absolutely not been my experience. I can kill them in only six hits with a Mordlun spear and 40 Strength.

Something is making them far weaker than they appear to have been intended. I’m not sure where the problem is as I am not a modder/coder, I just look up numbers for the wiki.

  1. Kill The Den werehyena bosses
  2. Note they are really easy
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Hello @Tephra, thank you for the heads up!

We’ll forward this information to the developers to verify if their current state is intended or not.

Yes, that’s right, i was going for the new claws, and not really looking at the boss strengh i must admit, but yes, it was quickly done if i remember right. :wink:

Will take a look at this guy again when i’m around the Den.
Anyway, the hyenas in the Den are still very easy to kill, the normal ones especially. I let them often alone, they’re not really a tread.

So can confirm this, just made a trial and went to the Den.
Level 52 char for the test, one shootest the Wereboss with my annihilator blade. Sure, it’s a powerfull weapon, but still, should resist more. :wink:

Got the Doom Axe, doubled handed this time, no claw. But that’s not the point here.

In case you’re not aware, the boss hyena doesn’t always spawn, sometimes it is just a normal werehyena. If it has yellow eyes and doesn’t drop one of the legendaries, it wasn’t one of the bosses.

Don’t worry, i fought the boss, i know it from testlive where i got the claws several times.
But it’s a fact, he dies quick, to quick.

While I can agree that a powerful weapon should not come from an easy boss, I don’t personally feel that a powerful boss should be placed in the middle of a mid tier thrall camp. Just another point to be considered, please.

There are legendary creatures scattered throughout the map, so having an end-game tier boss in a much lower-level area is not unprecedented. And if he has legendary creature stats, he should also get triple skulls to warn players.

I mean you can easily avoid it if you want fight.
It’s not like if you was entering the Den and the fight starts, you nead to go realy near to trigger it.

I can clear all the Den without trigger the boss if i want, so this shouldn’t be an issue for low level players.

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