Humongous Werehyena with legen - wait for it - dary drops!

From far away you might see his head above all other werehyenas… You should definitely kill him and loot him!
I’ve got 2 legendary weapons and a tool (cleaver) from him:

Good hunting!

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Was hoping he randomly dropped more tools than just the cleaver, which I also obtained from him. Going to the bat caves is a pain IMO.


Those bestial claws have no bleed on them, have you tried modding them also? Unless they changed it, I wasn’t impressed. Sure they look “cool” as your bent over like a 90 year old with a broken back…

don’t need bleed to catch runners

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Wished this was there at release - my group doesn’t play this anymore and have no interest going back to it since it seems it’s still unstable. It would have been really fun to adventure in areas actually populated with boss creatures instead of the empty caverns and hard to reach chests with a few iron in them.

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I feel like we just covered these drops last week…

I got 300+ haunch off of purple rhino with no upgrade. don’t remember what i used to get with star metal cleaver, and upgrade kit. May test it. but it seemed like it was better (the jhebal clever that is.

I checked it again today, and its doing 2 chops. I killed two rhinos and it gave me 52 haunches total from both of them. Also killed the werething again and it dropped another cleaver. So apparently it only drops one item besides the claws.

A broken back! :rofl:
I think I was too happy to find them, thought he looked mean.
Nope, no bleeding effect and tried and failed to use all mods on it, the claws can’t be modified (PS4).

They’ll look better once you’re wearing yellow and black spandex and grow big hairy sideburns.


Going to have a serious conversation with my Witch Doctor about that yellow dye.

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