Rake & claw have no loot table

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After 200 confirmed kills of either Rake or Claw I believe that their loot table is possibly bugged. Neither boss has ever had a Single item in their inventory when killed. They give the standard werehyena resources when harvested. Slightly disappointed in being unable to get the doom hammer, bestial claws or the cleaver.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.kill Rake or Claw
3.repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat
4.wonder where your life completely came off the rails, proceed to go to your kitchen and drink alone by the sink.

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Hello @Econradt, is this happening in a singleplayer session or during online play?

I’m In SP, So far its been werehyena parts only on my end, Havnt killed as many as TC… Only about 12-13 last night.

(no changes to drop rates or spawns in setting,) Running almost default setting, (2.0damage, .33land claim, 0.5 stam/food)

From my experience, farming this boss for quite a while, I can state the following facts:

  • There is a chance for the boss to spawn, in its stead you can have a simple werehyena

  • Loot has a chance to appear, most of the time these 2 bosses have no loot (that’s because only legendaries can drop, and these have a low chance)

I did test this right now in single player on PC and the results are:

spawned Rake (Wildlife_Werehyena_Spotted_TheDen_Boss1) 10 times. Drop:


spawned Claw (Wildlife_Werehyena_Spotted_TheDen_Boss2) 10 times. Drop:


If you have a way to open console on PS4, you can test this yourself.

You can walk abit away in SP, and everything respawns instantly.
So by time I drag a thrall to wheel of pain, and head back, every thing is reset. Its been how I’ve hitting up the place.

I’ve killed few more this morning, Hitting him with knife/pickaxe or axe just yields bones, hyena hides and feral flesh. (i’ll be farming for abit here, if I see something I’ll make sure to post)

The biggest flaw with Rake & claw is: Funcom nerfed the droprates for the claws, because many PvP cried about them.

But they nerfed the drop rate in general. So instead of getting Doom or the Butcherknife, you simple dont get anything at all.

Big thanks to PvP :smiley:

PS.: Where is the Blackblood butcher knife?

We only wanted certain OP aspects of it, like light attack being better travel than sprinting, and bleed stacking so easy. The drop rate was done by Funcoms own decision, which was a bit heavy handed approach in general. TBH, they may have done that because the non timer ones trivialized Jhebal Religion a little, as you can farm 50 zeal and make themwithout wating for a drop. All be it with the timer. ON PVE, you can get 50 zeal in 15 minutes in sept city.

Yeah, but how long do we play this game? When did Funcom make a balance where everyone was happy? :smiley:

And yeah, the original droped claws (not the crafted ones) where OP. Which also got changed… It was just an über-nerf :smiley:

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*Big thanks to Funcom.

It’s not impossible for them to balance something for PvP and keep it relevant for PvE. Because weapons and mechanics don’t affect both game-modes the same way.

It’s not our fault if the developer team releases content without foreseeing how it’ll completely break or imbalance PvP interactions and then fix it by making the content completely unattainable to PvE players as well. And to play PvP you have to dabble on PvE a LOT so, it’s not like when things get messed up for the PvE side of the game PvP players remain unaffected by it.

And, the Maw of the Hyena is the legendary version of the cleaver so I doubt they’ll be releasing a blackblood version of it when a legendary version for that tool already exists.

Well, the only reason we dont have the BB cleaver is: Funcom forgot it. Thats it.

And the Maw doesnt give +5 survival.

I have not killed those guys alot of times but I have never gotten anything more than hides and junk
Since I heard that they carried weapons
Some good luck for me?

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