Rubika 2019, My two cents

I regrettably missed the launch of RK19, I actually found out about it a few weeks ago, when I looked on the forums to see if this gem of a game was still running. I was one of the first, if not the first to advocate for FC to open a fresh server, so I am a bit angry at myself for missing it. That being said I have played it extensively for the last couple of weeks. I have some things to comment about the experience.
Firstly It is nice to level a new toon without the temptation to use a pocket alt.
At first I did not like the fact that Veteran points is unavailable, but it actuality felt like an accomplishment to get 250 tokens the old way.
The new quests for the armor pieces is nice. It gives purpose to “twinking” at lvl 25, 60, and 100 even for a leveling character. (And twinking is what i like most. The ability to be stronger than you are “supposed” to.) (I know there are bether armor out there, but when leveling, it is convenient.)

Then some negatives. Please open the other beginner areas. Jobe should have opened when SL was released, and the Island should be opened with AI. (and I miss sundance armor on my new toons.)

And why no Trading terminals? It is a realy good QOL improvement on the old server. I’m running around with subway weapons, because it is hard to find sellers and or prices atm. I can understand why daily missions was exempt from the start, as it would make it too easy in the beginning, I can’t see a reason for not including trade terminals.
(is AI cites inn? in that case is the player shops in?)
I find it strange that Ofab and batlestations is inn, but not Daily missions.

I would like to see, if you ever make RK 2020 (or 21 or whatever), that it drops with all the expansions open, and that we start in aretes landing. I started playing AO back when the backyard was the only option (pre SL, but post NW), And I can say I got hooked on the game in spite of the bad starter experience, not because of it. Aretes is way better.

TLDNR: Good: fresh start, new armour quests. Bad: No tradeterminals, old backyards, Ofab but no daily missions. Nether good or bad: No veteran shop. (bad as the server mostly tries to get old players back, hence the nostalgia argument for old starter areas, and old players have lots of veteran points) good as it lessens the difference between brand new players and veterans. (we all have to earn our tokens now.

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TL:NR should come before the rant, not after :wink:

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i think adding all those new items exclusively to the server where 5% of the population is isnt the best idea ever.

maybe thats just me

In a week or so Tencent will either own FC or not. Also, seems to me that FC 's annual report should be out by now. Maybe someone closer and better informed then me on Norway’s laws would know? It’s been a year and I think they’re waiting to see what do. In any case, unless They put in GMI at a minimum, RK2019 will remain the ghost town it is.

Even if Tencent buys FC tomorrow, we wont see any changes for a while.

Typical comment from someone who’s blindly uninformed