Dang it, I had to look

I decided to check out RK 2019.
BackYard ?? oh boy I like starting in the back yard. I did get spoiled with Arete. Very Noticeable when You don’t have credits. I wasn’t expecting that, like I said, too used to Arete. And being this was the only character on that sever, well for me that’s a struggle, still is.
I did thought I could choose to start in SL, not the backyards. I should read more.
I was curious if we could get the Ingots in SL like you used to, that should help my credit problem . . naw. No ingots.
Kinda disappointed with 2019
obviously I being brief and vague , there are a lot of interesting tells to be told
I did start a second there, dang mail takes too long and only one item at a time. I need to find a better way to get some credits, that may take longer to accomplish then I;m used to

Any ways , bored you enough time to get some levels in