Damn, I missed this game



As I’ve started to play on the new RK2019 server after 12 years, I can say I’m having a blast … again. The reason why I wanted to try it again was, as for many others, nostalgia. I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore because of the outdated graphics (still running the old engine after getting tired of so many crashes on the new one) but I kept playing almost every day.

The game itself has changed a lot these past years, even Rubika. The classic / notum wars is not the same as it used to be but I’m enjoying it. Seeing lots of players in ICC and across the game made me realize this new server has a lot of potential to revive the game for some years.

I really hope I am right and things will get better in the next period. Also I know there are people who don’t want expansions but the content is very limited without it so I hope we’re getting SL soon enough.

Anyway, just throwing in some good vibes.

See you in game and have fun!