<RK19> Tradenet is dead, long live Tradesnet

With no GMI/GMS on RK19 its hard to get a sale done at times, but we had Tradenet, which was a darknet style tradebot. At the start of last weekend Tradenet died and some of us reached out to the bot owner to see what was up. We found out that due to a variety of IRL reasons, Tradenet was not coming back. Sawtyss and I went looking for a solution because in the couple of days Tradenet was down, it was have to do much of anything, and with the population the way it is on RK19 we didn’t want everybody in the dark too long.

So, after some work Sawtyss was able to put up a bot running the open source Darknet code. We called the bot, uncreatively, Tradesnet, for the sake of continuity. It works in much the same way as Darknet, in fact in most places it still -says- that it is Darknet. Similar to the bot before, it has a 10min wait time between posts.

To get started: /tell Tradesnet !register