Rogue Building / unfair ?!

Hey something totaly different ,

i had now a few experiences with the game in different Servers and one thing i noticed …

The way people build their Bases is Nuts and unfair - as a new player i arrive at the river and start my Adventure … but sometimes i cant even reach the water , or huge structures block the way to certain NPCs , the complete Waterfalls are blocked , and i thought by myself , lets try to sneak into these bases and have a look and you find 12 big water wells behind each other or 10 altar of the same god etc etc.

The game gives you the Tools to build something nice and impressing , you can even build a huge Village but why blocking so much of the game for other players … apart from that obstruction it is ugly

a friend showed me screenshots of the server he is playing on , and somebody completely fenced New Asgarth and prevented others from entering the Village - simple Question … Why?


Are you playing on a PvE or PvP server?

A co-worker of mine recently purchased the game and we thought we would start him off on a PvE server just so he could learn the game a bit without worrying about getting wrecked by “alphas”.

Instead what we found was similar to what you just described, just land claim alllll over the place with crazy spamming of structures, and I guess without the inability for other players to destroy those structures, the builds and the land claim just keep getting more and more nuts.

We made the jump to a low pop PvP server and it’s been a much better experience.

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Hi there ,

i only play pvp as it is part of the game and the survival experience benefits from a threat :slight_smile:

i am on a low pop pvp server but i guess there is one dominating faction or Clan , no problem with that but what my point is , making the whole game experience miserable for freshies ( dunno if its a term which can be used here , as i only use it in DayZ ) is just bad and should be regulated on a certain point.

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Hi @Tarabas110

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures


Thank you i will put this under consideration

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personally I no longer ask the question :sweat_smile:
it’s fashionable,trolls breed overwhelmingly, many child capricious king are now adults, but what do you want, madness engulfed the world :joy:
there are some who must be frustrated, it is built around my base :rofl:

If no one else can play… then the server is all to them. =p

Multi temples is just to be able multi summon gods… On one hand, its something that could use a limit…

not everyone likes limits.

Most of my visit to live servers, its 99% chance you encounter blocked off sections, or mass building spam, or foundation spam.
private server or bust pretty much.

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Sure they do. That’s why there have been at least 3 topics about “why was I banned for claim spam” over the last week. :roll_eyes:


in PvP that there are vicious strategies does not bother me, there will always be some and that requires adapting and it is often possible to respond to them, which is not the case in PvE and sincerely the biggest problem is the PvE, most of the players do not make a difference.
I really loved this choice offered for different style, an extremely competitive and cooperative environment
when a troll decides to block you in the game, you suffer without being able to defend yourself and some plaver are very well aware of this, that is why they take advantage of it, they risk nothing and very often the attempts at discussion are illusory.
the PvE server has become the reservoir of hyenas and jackals of all kinds
And only the admin has the power to fix it :face_with_monocle:

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