Roof Pitch (angle/slope)

I was wondering why, when placing a roof tile, that there is a menu for changing the pitch or slope angle of a tile, yet there is no function to it. Is this ever going to be implemented / fixed?

I’m trying to get a steep roof angle much like that of fantasy castles, cathedrals and church roofs.

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It’s not a bug, the pitch, tilt, etc. are relevant only to placables like chests, torches, workbenches, decorations, etc. It isn’t relevant to building blocks; the only reason you see it displayed is because that menu displays whenever you’re placing blocks or the more decorative pieces.


Aww, bummer.
Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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As much as it would be fun to change the angle of roof pieces etc., it would become pretty much impossible to get them just right so as to touch at the top of the roof. The reason building blocks snap the way they are is that we don’t need to geometry (yes, it’s a verb) everything we build.

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