[RP] Albyon: A World of Intrigue (Mature 18+ Heavy RP / PvE / Minor PvP)

Albyon: A World of Intrigue Heavy RP / PvE / Light PvP

  • ~ Text RP / No Application needed ~

  • Mature Roleplay / ERP welcome / Character progression encouraged

About Albyon

Albyon is a server that has dedicated itself to the members to ensure that they have a great experience. We offer events and help assist those who need help

be it for various mechanics of the game, to even helping them find others to craft stories with. Here, we are all about deep, intriguing stories even if some of them take a dark turn. Our entire premise is to give our members a whirl-wind adventure, encompassing all sorts of character progression that ranges from happy to sad, to dark and twisted. Slavers, villainous characters and all sorts of Grim-dark character creations are heavily encouraged along with slaves, healers, medics, warriors, gladiators and more. Let your mind soar with an onslaught of creative individuals to help you craft a story that you become so hooked on, that you will forever retain it in memory.

The Exiles lands in general are a dark, insidious place. As such, we like to try an incorporate and encourage people to roleplay this. Anything dark, gritty, gruelling and gruesome, is always, always fully encouraged. However, we are aware that this isn’t always to the tastes of others, so we implore that others understand this and respect the other player’s wishes as common player courtesy. A rule that we take in high regard in the server

Due to this, we have implemented a consent sheet which we ask that our players fill out. This helps to alert others to what you do and do not accept

Please note: The PvP aspect is very, very minor and should in no way, shape or form, be considered a vital role in this server. It is not.



Server Settings:

❖ Bodies stay in the world: No.
❖ Drop inventory on death: No.
❖ Purge active: No.
❖ Avatars enabled: No.
❖ Harvest: x2
❖ Player XP (including crafting): x2.5
❖ Day/Nights ratio: Days are long, nights are short.
❖ Containers ignore ownership: No.


❖ Emberlight
❖ Pippi
❖ Savage Steel
❖ DyeMoreBetterer

❖ RP Aesthetics (RA)
❖ Lesser building placement restrictions
❖ Conan Sexiles
❖ SlaverMod
❖ Fashionist
❖ Speech Bubbles
❖ Thrall War Dungeon Mod
❖ Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.3.4 (1.0 compatible)

Additional Information

❖ Region: NA
❖ Peak Playtime: Varies on account of players from both EU and US.
❖ Age Limit: 18+.
❖ Voice or Text RP: Text.
❖ Server Lore: We use Robert E. Howard’s lore as a guideline, but we let our members also express their creativity.
❖ Application: Not needed.
❖ Discord: Required.