[RP] [PS4] The Old World RP



Beaten, whipped, mocked, and exiled. Your crimes may vary from the petty theft of one silver coin to the ultimate massacre of a group of villagers. Regardless of what atrocities you have committed, you have been bound by the sorcery of the Giant Kings, enslaving you to these forsaken lands. While there may be uncertainty echoing through these forgotten lands, one thing is held true – these lands wreak of death and betrayal.

Here at “The Old World RP”, we focus on maintaining an environment that is not only rich in roleplay, but also rich in immersion. We build upon the already-established lore of Conan, using it as a foundation for our stories. Whether you want to create your own barbaric tribe, create a cult dedicated to a god or be a lone traveler, the opportunity is there for you. We have RP-themed events, as well as major plans to incorporate two separate progressive-RP events where the outcomes vary depending on involvement/participation. Our roleplay is conducted on our Discord channel and sometimes via voice chat. We have separate channels to accommodate for different areas/types of RP. We have channels for places of interest, such as taverns, as well as zone-designated channels if you happen to run into someone in the wild.

Also, any changes we bring about on the server is put to a vote by the entire community, not just the admins. We have a place for our community members to place ideas, and from there we take a vote on it. We want everyone to have a voice in how this server runs because in the end, this is your haven to roleplay in.

To join, simply look us up on the server list. To join our Discord, please reach out to one of the listed admins below or post your interest here.

Server Details

Name: The Old World RP

XP Rate: 5X

Harvest Rate: 5X

PvP: PvP is enabled all the time, but raiding is only allowed on the weekends and it must have a roleplay reason fueling the raid.

PSN Community: The Old World RP

Admin PSN’s: Lovarke87, Los_Santos_Viper, and TJ-Wildabeast