[PS4] [HEAVY RP SERVER] New Beginnings RP

Legends, betrayal, and war - these things defined the old world. While the lands themselves were savage, those who inhabited these lands defined the true meaning of savagery. The Giant King’s magic controlled the boundaries of the Exiled Lands, cursing all with the slave bracelet to live within their borders. These lands suffered a great war thousands of years ago when our kind broke away from the slavery of the Giant King’s - the result was catastrophic and has forever scarred these lands. Since that war, life began to adapt even though they knew they were trapped within these savage lands - towns began to form, civilization reformed, and the lands began to heal. Though as it is and always shall be, humans desire power above all else - it is our nature. Tensions began to grow in the northern lands when Floki the Brave declared himself the King of the North, making his settlement of Volsung the capital. Deceitful whispers began to cascade through the lands of this self-proclaimed king and how he planned to claim full dominion over the north. Floki was later assassinated by his second in command, Ivar the Strong - perhaps on his own free will, or on behalf of the Serpent of the South. Shortly after Ivar assumed the so-called ‘Throne of the North’, a new threat had emerged from the deep north. Whispers of a necromancer in the north began to surface as sightings of the undead began to become more prevalent.

For a short time, this newfound threat in the north was the straw that was needed to unify it. The forces of the Council of the North and Volsung set aside their differences and marched upon the Bridge of the Betrayer - it was there that the first true battle of the north began. The sounds of war filled the air as the battle went on for hours - the unified northern forces were slowly managing to push the undead back. It was when the mysterious necromancer appeared in the battle that the Bridge of the Betrayer held true to its name. Ivar the Strong called upon his forces to retreat, leaving the Council of the North for slaughter. Fortunately for the Council of the North, the undead forces had sustained enough damage and retreated into their fortress of Xullan. The Council of the North did not celebrate their victory, for now they set their eyes upon Ivar the Betrayer. Civil war broke out across the north, which quickly ended with the destruction of Volsung at the hands of the council. Following the destruction of Volsung, the north had entered into a period of rebuilding. As the north rebuilt, the Serpent of the South rallied his forces and began to expand his territory. A temporary alliance between his Stygian armies and the Darfari allowed him to dominate the south. It was only after the Serpent of the South got what he desired that he showed his true colors - he quickly crushed the Darfari and their Great Shaman. The Council of the North, following further internal strife in regards to self-governance of the north, became fragmented. Stars Summit, home of the mighty Chieftain Zydaho who served as leader of the Council of the North, served as the shining jewel of the Dead Woods just as New Asagarth served as the shining jewel of the Highlands in these times of reconstruction. These times of peace for the north were short-lived as rumors of the undead began to resurface. Chieftain Zydaho paid no attention to these rumors as he was only focused on rebuilding the north. In the face of his own arrogance, the mysterious necromancer set his eyes once more upon the north and struck Stars Summit with a massive force of undead.

The necromancer was revealed to be a man known as Torgeir Osmund, whom was eventually referred to as Dark Warden of the North. The forces of Stars Summit held off the undead armies for as long as they could, but they eventually fell to the forces of darkness. It was in this moment, when the north saw one of their mightiest leaders fall, that they decided to rally once more. This forces of Torgeir Osmund were pushed back to his tower in the Frozen North, where he eventually met his fate at the hands of the Huntress. The war against the undead ended upon Torgeir’s death, thus plunging the north into a period of reconstruction. Tensions began to grow between the northerners and the denizens of the Stygian army in the south. The Serpent of the South wanted full dominion over the north, and this resulted in what we have come to call the Second Great War. The war against Volsung and the forces of the Dark Warden were nothing compared to this war. The ground shook as the forces of both factions collided. Buildings that once stood tall were crumbled into piles of rubble, farmlands burned, and blood stained the terrain. The Second Great War had great losses on both sides, yet continued to dwindle on as the forces of both factions began to fade. It was towards the end of the war that the Great Serpent, Set, descended upon the land and killed the self-proclaimed Pharaoh of the south for he had broken a blood pact with him in regards to attacking the north. With their leader dead, the armies of the Stygians broke and began to flee - only to be met with death at the hands of their opposition. The war was over, and thus the land was plunged into another period of unity and peace. As it is with our nature, though, the drums of war will continue to resound across these lands for eternity.

Rates: We have boosted rates, with 10x experience and 5x gathering. Things such as thrall taming, crafting, etc., are boosted slightly as well.

How long has the community been around? Our community has been here since the beginning of August. The server itself has been here since February the 10th due to some unforeseen circumstances on our old server.

What is the server like? Imagine walking through the Highlands and coming across a farmer at his cabin. You don’t really know him, but he engages with you in RP and encourages you to participate. That is what our server is like.

What are the admins like? Our leadership team is broken down into two equally-important groups: RP moderators, and admins. RP moderators focus on character backstories, events, and RP classes (which is held via Discord), while admins work on things behind the scenes such as player complaints and administrative duties. Every decision made about the server is done via a community-wide vote as well.

Is Discord mandatory? Absolutely. Discord is where all of our RP happens. PM me for the Discord link, or message me on PSN at Tony_Mangano.

How do I join? Simple - join our Discord, introduce yourself and read the rules, and hop onto the server and begin your story.