Rubber-banding and one hit disappears around nodes in G4,G5, F5 and thrall issues

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Bug Description:

Ground mesh and rubber-banding issues around the volcanic island:

Does not render properly (can see the squares), nodes disappearing after one swing with any tool, fibre animation does not load - nodes disappear as well. You also rubber-band when walking near nodes that aren’t there and get stuck. NPC camps on this island frequently glitch. When walking up to a chest and loading it, enemy thralls teleport at you and you’re down to low health randomly like they’ve hit you but you’re unable to see them.

I am also having issues with my thralls not responding to orders and not following / getting stuck in random parts of the map. I lost a named archer thrall through the mesh in 7K and it said has died while following me (event log said killed by a wolf) despite no wolves being around him and thrall glitching below mesh in 7K - I could not find him or rescue at all. Thrall was Ulrich the accursed… Also had issues with him following all around the map would constantly just stop and do nothing.

Expected Behavior:

Nodes should load correctly and mesh not rubber-band you when you walk near them. NPCs should also

Steps to Reproduce:

Walk to Areas around the coast of volcanic island, in particular: G4 & G5 & F5
I am using Xbox One S console.

Hey @maddricky, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out.

Would it be possible to provide a short recording of the graphical and rubber-banding issues?

Could you also let us know if you’re playing singleplayer or online?
If you’re playing online, is it on a private or official server, and is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

Same issue, same thrall. Lv 20 ulrich died following while I was in base, event log said he died, not killed by player or NPCs, just died. Very frustrating , very good thrall with great kit that I could not recover.

@HEREX could you please provide a screenshot of the log with the log entry stating that the thrall died, and a screenshot of the in-game map pointing at the location where this happened?

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