Rubi-Ka Team mission booster (idea)

Hello everyone!

As a long time player (since beta) I always liked the idea of Rubi-Ka Missions. Here is idea to easily boost experience using what we got already in game. I call its RK Booster.

At this moment leveling for froobs is PITA, and paid players find RK missions way to low XP to make them - but the lore of team missions (instanced content) is pretty good, so I designed content to combine fr00bs and paid player. I believe 90% of playerbase of paid players would love to have some diversity in way of gaining XP. We all know that Daily Missions and AFK at kite hill is not good thing at the end. And RK booster is an idea to create such opportunity :slight_smile:

All things should begin in Clan/Omni Agency. After talking to receptionist a 3 new options of dialogue will appear:

  • I would like to help Clan!
  • I would like to trade some expensive items!
  • I did my best for Clans!

Dialogue #1 Will give player a new MISSION
Rubi-Ka supporting mission

This mission alone does NOTHING. It can be deleted but it CAN’T be completed. Once player have this mission in his Mission Window, he can roll (or get update) for ANY Rubi-Ka Team mission. Completing TEAM MISSION will trigger ChanceTokenReward - and it’s where “Rubi-Ka supporting mission” jumps in. Reward for this mission is awarded ONLY AFTER when ChanceToken is triggered - so, receiving TOKEN grants also reward from SM (aka Rubika-Supporting mission). Reward is:
Rubi-Ka Disc

This item is NODROP.
Once player have this Disc in his inventory, he can chose Dialogue #3 with Agency Receptionist. This is the moment where magic begins.

  • I did my best for Clans!

Did you?
As a matter of fact, yes!
Okay, show me the prof!
Trade option appears. Player can hand in Rubi-ka Disc. And 3 options of dialogue appears now:

  • Chose your reward!

#1 - I am interested in items!
#2 - Hand me credits!
#3 - Learn me something!

@1 Player will receive one Notum Plate
This plate is used in various tradeskills. Also, collecting 10 plates allows to trade them for 1 Notum Coil (dialogue with receptionist “I would like to trade some expensive items!

@2 - Player is granted with credits - amount of credits gained is based on player level (20000*(player level))

@3 - Player receives XP - 5% of TotalXP needed for current level. This option WILL NOT WORK for players 201+

SM can be repeated as many times, as needed - no TIME LOCK OUT.

For low level players for obvious reasons items will be bestest option, mid and high level players will find other options quite interesting.

Using Notum Plate or Notum Coil player can produce new items. Items were designed by me to give VARIETY over current builds - not to over the top existing ones. So, using new items is always a tredoff.

Idea of NEW Carbonum armor is simple - Hardened armor in both versions has SAME STATS, but doubles Clan/Omni stat - so Clans get TWICE NR, and Omni gets TWICE HP. Clan Version gives also AAD, while Omni one gives AAO. Tradeof of this power is losing RS (in both versions). IMPORTANT: New stats are fixed for all parts - so player equipped with ql200 HARDENED armor gives -140 RS and 140 AAO or AAD!

NCU Memory:

QL 200 “64 NCU Medical Memory” would provide 20 First Aid and 5 Treatment.
QL 200 “64 NCU Combat Memory” would provide 6 FullAuto skill

We all know that Battle Suits are junk and shop food. They were never any good option. I found use of them :smiley:

Basic Support System can be upgraded 4 times. To ql 100, 200 (2 different versions at 200) and 250 (215 lvl req).

Tier 2 of this backpiece can be upgraded with Notum Coil:

Tier 3 is named Heavy Support System:

Now, you can combine that Tier 3 Backpiece with Combat Scope (also TSed item - see details below)

Final upgrade makes Tier5

Ranged Scope (ql 200 max)

Melee Scope (max ql 200)
Making this scope works exactly like Dust Brigade Bracer. 1 Notum Plate is required to upgrade it by 1 Tier. Each Tier gives 3 melee special skill / -50 NanoC Inits and +10 AAO.

CAS Backpack
This one is addition to CAS armor - it can be only QL 150, but opens “CAS Treatment Laboratory” - nanoprogram that heals for 1k (with 3 minutes lockdown).

Modified MTI Shield
Using Notum Plate on ql 150+ MTI shield results in new modification:

Profession love!
Adventurer love - Nano Crystal - Mutated Chirop

With this nano Adventurer can cast a Parrot like bird. This Parrot will appear on his shoulder (as Salabim parrot. Upon Spawn, in players NCU will be uploaded program - Mutated Chirop - this program will add 200 perception and minor healing (50 pts each 15 seconds).

Notum Backpack of Survival
This backpack can be used by adventurer every 3 minutes for additional heal - 1500 pts. Notum modification boosts also run speed.

Soldier/Engineer love

Blastwave Granade Launcher - it comes in 3 tiers (lvl locked). Each upgrade requires 1 Notum Coil.

TS-ing Bracelet of Ka

Using Screwdriver on this bracelet results in changing type from Assassin to Mercanery

DISCLAIMER: Some graphics were Photoshoped by me - those items in this POST ARE NON EXISTING


I like the ideas so far.
One problem i can see is; why would anybody ever choose option 2. Say you went for credits at level 200, that would net you 400k. Which isnt even enough to buy bread with these Days inflation.
And if you make it like many Millions it would only add to the inflation.

Instead i would say make option two some sort of weapons.

@BKatt - my mistake, its supposed to be 20000 multiplier. So, at 200 lvl, you get 4m - this ammount of creds is below price of average nano that you can find in mission

Let me rephrase. I dont think credits should be spawned into the game, more than it already is being.

In my opinions we need more sinks, if anything.

In any case, i think weapons, armor, nanos. Items in general is much more beneficial to both players and the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good effort with the idea and the post.

This is by far one of the best ideas I’ve seen on this forum. Not just content wise but it being both paid and froob friendly while also putting thought into balance.

Albeit I can tell you this much…the RS penalty on the back item is far far too high. Take off 20% ACs from the final two tiers and reduce the RS penalty by half.

And I understand the concern around the credit rewards, an alternative would be a consumable reward, such as for example a new nano can that upon consuming reduces your PvP flag duration by 50%.

Great effort and concept ! The items though, as the previous posters already noted, would need adjustments and credits should only be an option till lets say lvl 100. XP reward a bit higher, around 7-8% of a level per mish.

Get hired by fc!

Post is now finished. There is an idea of mine to add shield for ranged users, but I found it might be problem because Randed attack animation is different than melee, so game might confuse this (It might be possible to make it, but I am not sure of it).

This would bring back alot of people to want to team/group up to do things again and make Anarchy Online great again cause end game = grouping and leveling together now days just KH and Inf teams that it to 220 kinda boring (beside dalies) this would bring back some more player base for people who’s at 170>220

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I have told people I play with for years that giving paid players a reason to do RK missions beyond tokens would only help the game. My thoughts were never to replace SL or hecks as a leveling location but to give people more options.

hecks are very boring but good xp in the lower/mid levels and dailies/inf new missions have replaced the need for farming tokens on RK missions while leveling. at least in a RK mission the scenery changes and the mobs have much more diversity based on sliders.