Saber tooth tiger which attributes are important?

I have a powerful saber-toothed tiger, what attributes are important to make it crazy?

Even if it has crap HP (its armor will be always low compared to thralls) you can heal them via healing arrows.
You can shoot its butt with an arrow and do your stuff - gathering, knocking out foes, etc. and it will defend you while doing so, or

  • you can help it by blocking with a shield if you just dont want to kill something by yourself (preventing it from bleed and poison)
  • you can help it by smacking the target from behind and shoot a healing arrow time to time.
    These are my strategies with animals.

I hope I dont have to mention if you are able to ALWAYS get greater sabretooth. They are free at the Icespire chasm (is the plural of sabretooth sabreteeth or sabretooths? :laughing:).

The only way I know to make it plural “properly” would be with the full name, sabertooth tiger or sabretooth tigers. Thank you for giving me something to think about :slight_smile:

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Back before the follower crap, we had 4 sabers with zero anything.
They destroyed two skull demon spiders during a purge. Along with 6 greater hyenas, that did not survive the purge.

You can not add anything to a critter like you can a thrall (armor to make up for a short coming).

but you really just get what you get as you level.

you can check out this thread and read about when we discussed and tested Sabercats, and I leveled up an absolute beast of a saber.

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