Has anyone trained a greater sabertooth to max level?

Just wondering what kind of stats they wind up with. I used to like using them sometimes to help chase people down in pvp, kind of hoping they’re half decent now when maxed lvled. Naturally I’d keep it the hell away from enemies thralls.

Anyone got one and think it’s worth it/not?

I havent managed a greater sabretooth but have a level 10 greater panther that I love. I would think the sabretooth is better.

Low starting Hp compared to other greaters but the damage scales nicely.

firespark did a vid 4 ya 8]


OK great, thanks for the info guys.

I have a greater sabertooth at level 10 right now. I’ll post his stats at 20.

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I had one with around 110 dmg, also, cats are awesome to get ppl down from a horse.

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I wasn’t able to get to twenty today. I won’t be able tomorrow.
so I’ll try to get it done monday.

He hits like a truck, but leveling is a bit slow.

Special thanks to @Barnes for the shadespice

See I named him for your Character Tascowat
Like you wanted :slight_smile:


Did it start with st 10? Or was it higher/lower?

I honestly don’t remember, I started leveling him then we had a brief bout of high ping, and I had a few days of illness.

He was already at level 10 when I saw this thread.

I leveled a regular sabercat that had much better stats, But I lost him to a boss when I made a misstep and got killed, then was unable to break it’s agro off the boss.
this is the first greater sabercat I’ve ever tried.

Greater panthers have good strength but poor health (they start with a 10 in st). Ive been thinking about going for a greater sabretooth but keep getting distracted…

I keep a private server for testing purposes running on my LAN at home.

I admin spawned in 10 greater sabercats, all had 10 strength but less than 2000 base health.
so I would guess all the big cats are glass cannons.

I also admin leveled a few to 20 most got 250% strength boost, with less than 8000 or so health.

This Guy hit the jackpot with 390% strength and 8771 health :smiley:

edited for clarification, most sabertooth cats had near but below 8000 health.

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All cats have the same stats, 10 str, 34 dmg, but sabertooth have more armor at lvl 0 than the rest, I think is around 120 and the rest is around 90. Their percentages are always the same, they just change the stat, I have the exact same % numbers as @droch-aon, but I have 64% in str (+14% from blood sausage), and 40% in survival, those are the numbers I use to train, If they have the survival higher, I just dismiss them.

I thought greater lion didnt have st 10 but I could be wrong.

I had a few minutes this morning.
so I spawned in all the greater cats, on my test server.

Lion does indeed have less base strength, most were 3-5 range, however the Lion also seems to be the overall winner in base armour, with nearly double any other cat, only the sabertooth comes close in armour, but the lion still has a bit more.

So I guess, if you want a cat that can tank, Lion is your best bet.

Sabertooth wins as an overall killing machine, with best damage armour combination.

Tiger rivals Sabertooth in damage but seems to have less base armour.

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Thanks for checking!

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Awesome, good to know, I’ve never had a lion before so it was out of my previous analysis :sweat_smile:

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We have both a lion and saber at our front door. The lion is not as quick as the saber, and the saber took down a corrupted croc with 4 hits (he is lvl 12 now). The lion stood there.

Stupid lion…

Call him Garfield please