Are greater pets supposed to be this powerful?

Massive damage, fast attacks. For greater sabretooth there seemed to be a knock down opener. In the times I’ve fought them this pet was far more dangerous than any of the three skull level bosses I’ve encountered.

My high level human thrall seemed useless in pvp by comparison.

You got it all wrong. You’re the pet and the Great Toothsaber is the main character in this saga. :rofl:


What is weird is the Sabertooth is almost garbage in PVE. It misses too much. Its DPS isn’t as good as other options.

In PVP it misses too, but it only needs to hit once. DPS doesn’t matter and burst is king.

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So balanced? Or not balanced? I have my opinion but what do others think?

To clarify, I said it was garbage in PVP (as in not good enough), and in PVP it is king (too good).

So it is imbalanced, but ironically in both directions.

With this kind of clarification, I can’t possibly guess why there was any confusion. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe an edit is in order. :shushing_face: :innocent:

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