(Sabre) Pet Cats are too strong

They will deal 100% life damage (aka oneshot) to 50% life damage to a player (depending on the build/armor you run) when they jump attack. Additionally they will knock you down and apply bleed.

Combined with horses this is too much. Especially in the early stages of the game. It’s also relatively cheap to get them.

They should be toned done. At leaast remove the insane damage on the knockdown jumpo attack.
Also rebalance horses.

This is probably the worst thing going for Conan currently. People brining multiple cats and can place them where ever they want. They just place them in your court yard, in your base, or basically anywhere they can slap it down and there is zero you can do because you get one or maybe 2 shot if you are lucky. They have even some how been able to warp them into our fully walled off base. The game goes from PvP to PvSabertooth. In the VERY LEAST they should not be place-able directly into someone else’s build radius.

I actually really like Sabretooths, but placing them around an enemy base is understandably annoying. I just don’t want them to nerf it like they have other things. lol.

At least something works. My fighter thralls are dying like flies in a zapper.

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