Saddlebags for saddles

this game need massive backpacks on horse and rino saddles!

i want stacks on stacks of bags and packs on the back of my horse saddle!


I’d be happy with More saddles that aren’t lv60 locked.

But ya, Saddle bag for extra slots be nice.

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Both are good suggestions. Maybe there could be a new saddle added that has more inventory slots for horses.


Few things that could get more slots.

Horses could get 2 more squares, 1 for saddle, 1 for body armor and 1 for head. (only cause I hate Khitan horse saddles helmet =p)

Or just saddle back slot. (which many of pets could/should have. )

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On my side, my horse is at first a warhorse. A huge warbeast able to fight (Rhinos are not, they are just fantasy)

BUT… I fully aggree with you !!! A horse could bear more than a human bearer.

For the Kithan helmet, I have no advice, its only a matter of taste…

Best regards guys!!

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