Saddlebags for saddles

this game need massive backpacks on horse and rino saddles!

i want stacks on stacks of bags and packs on the back of my horse saddle!

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I’d be happy with More saddles that aren’t lv60 locked.

But ya, Saddle bag for extra slots be nice.

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Both are good suggestions. Maybe there could be a new saddle added that has more inventory slots for horses.


Few things that could get more slots.

Horses could get 2 more squares, 1 for saddle, 1 for body armor and 1 for head. (only cause I hate Khitan horse saddles helmet =p)

Or just saddle back slot. (which many of pets could/should have. )

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On my side, my horse is at first a warhorse. A huge warbeast able to fight (Rhinos are not, they are just fantasy)

BUT… I fully aggree with you !!! A horse could bear more than a human bearer.

For the Kithan helmet, I have no advice, its only a matter of taste…

Best regards guys!!

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