Same as subject

Lost items in my inv for no reason.

Use the chatcommand /petition ingame and contact gms about it so you can get it back

Also check both the crafting window and the recently sold tab at vendors.

As the previous posters said, it would be a good idea to check your upgrade window (Y) as well as the buyback tab at the nearest vendor (Interact with any Vendor NPC, then click “Buyback” near the top of the window). Suddenly “missing” items are most often found in these locations.

It’s also possible that you experienced a visual error with your inventory, which can hide items from view without deleting them. Be sure to check your inventory again after restarting the game client.

If you’re still unable to locate your items after taking these steps, you should submit an in-game petition from the affected character with a list of the items that appear to be missing. You can open the petition interface at any time using the “/petition” command in your chat window.

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