Missing items from inventory

two of my equipped items have magically vanished!

My chest (robes of a thousand blooms) and 2nd ring (mark of the serpent King with gem) are no longer visible on the char sheet.

I cannot equip anything in the 2nd ring slot and other chests can be equipped but my T4 piece doesnt show up.

They are not in my inventory, bank, or mail and I havent sold or deleted them.

Please help restore these items, or any advice on how to sort this? I have submitted tickets, but theyve gone unanswered

Just to make sure: You tried relogging? Did you try logging out, waiting around 15 minutes so your character is “really” logged out, then logging in?

Items getting “invisible” is a thing that can happen, sounds like that with your ring.
The chest can be in invisible in your inventory, too. Go to a NPC and try if it shows up in the list if you try to sell it.
With this invisible bug relogging should work 100%.
And just to mention everything (altough you said it was equipped): Is there a chance you sold the chest by accident? Then buying everything you sold in the last couple of days might help - you can do that at any NPC, no need to search for the ones you sold stuff to.

@kantakwa hey thanks for the tips, ive tried the relogging (although not for 15 mins - will try that now). Definitley not sold it, as i noticed it happen as soon as I logged in.

Hi Nikolodemus,

Please send us a petition in-game on the character that is having this problem, and we would be happy to see what happened to the items! You may send a petition by using the in-game chat command: /petition

A GM will then respond as soon as possible to take a look and find out what may be going on with the items and assist you from there.

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@shaogens Petition was created at the same time as these posts :slight_smile: Have updated it since, as some stuff i bought from the store is also missing!

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GM couldnt help in game, asked me to create a ticket through the funcom account page which i did on Fri, still awaiting a response.

I am wondering if you have a custom UI that is bugging out for some reason. I suspect that will be what Funcom support will ask about first … so perhaps to speed the process update your ticket with UI information…especially if you are using the game default UI.

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