Items disappeared

I’ve been playing this game for 8 years and have never seen this. Several items disappeared from my char Ryph, including 3 max leveled rare amulets. Please help, I need them back now or I’ll have to start working on substitutes.

Deletion, Crafting or Currency-based Purchase Mistakes - We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion. Items necessary for the completion of missions and quests are not included in this change of policy.

If you fit this criteria submit a petition and await response. Based on previous cases don’t expect max level items returned though, often they are return at base level for there rarity (ie. Red 1) This includes glyphs and signets. Cheers and GL!

I’ve opened a petition. But does anybody still read them? The last one I’ve got an answer for was a few months after.
I had to delete another one, over a month old, to open this one.

Do you know what you were doing when they disappeared?

It was after a freeze while logging in.

After a crash or after a normal log out?

I’m crashing a lot presently but this time i was changing chars and it didn’t load, so I had to kill the game a open it again.

Any chance you are running updated nvidia? It wont explain the loose of items, but it could be behind the crashed.

Afraid i havent heard of a similar case of lost items =/

Doing this likely put you right back at the end of the queue. You should’ve probably added your new problem to the existing petition.

I’ve tried ALL existing drivers and none changed anything. They work well with other games, though.