Sample level II purge failure - all issues documented and recorded

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Crash, Lag, Graphical, Stability,
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3734

Bug Description:

The new purge system is an absolute disaster. This is my experience documented with a level II purge. ALL of this happened in the single purge. All of this has happened on every single purge I’ve attempted. I dare not try a level X. The server just won’t be able to handle it.

For additional context. Six players from various clans were online. My base has 4000 building blocks. I have about 70 level 20 thralls throughout the base. About 10 of my thralls were involved in this fight. I have 4 coffers in my base. This was set up with a test coffer.

  1. Started purge. Purge fails as there is nowhere to set up a base. This is in fact false.
  2. Started purge. Purge starts this time.
  3. A minute or so into the purge, it decides it cannot access the coffer. Why? Who knows. The doors were open and steps were in tact.
  4. Started purge. This one gets underway. Numerous graphical issues throughout. Terrain details struggle to fully render in. The ground swells and drops land on top of items.

Video showing the issues.

Purge continues. Graphical errors remain. All ground loses details.
Enemies rubber band and teleport at random
My thralls rubber band and teleport at random
I rubber band and teleport at random
I’m frequently hit by invisible thralls.
Game freezes and crashes. I die. Follower dies.

Video showing the issues

Restart game. Purge ends.
All bodies disappear. Including my dead thralls. So I can’t get their armor or weapons back.
Boss dies far too easily.
Two chests of trash loot for my time.

Video showing the issues

Bug Reproduction:

Start purge. Play purge. Watch purge crash. Rinse. Repeat. This happens EVERY time.

Funcom, please. This is an unmitigated disaster. The purges are simply unplayable. The servers cannot handle the load. They couldn’t handle the old purges most of the time and this just makes the issue even worse. What I have been able to play, I like, but this is just not enjoyable.

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It was a great idea, but the implementation is horrible. They basically told us to build up our bases and stock up on loot to get ready for this new purge system, yet it doesnt work as inteded in so many different ways. Every purge ive triggered so far either fails to setup their base (for no reason) or quits after a couple of waves saying they cant reach the coffer. I moved my coffer from my orignal loot room because i knew it would be too complicated for the purge to work. So i made it easily accessible (multiple stairways and entrances, not far from my main gate where they try to break in and the purge still gives up halfway through the battle. Its almost like you need to put the coffer right behind the breach point, otherwise its too complicated for the purge to figure out how to reach it. If there were going to be special parameters put in place for the purge to work correctly, it should have been made known to the player base last update so we could properly prepare.

Now I can’t even get a purge to start at my base. It fails every time. It worked for four days, now it fails consistently. I give up.