Purge crashes game. Log back in to all combat thralls falling below map

Official Server #8021 PvE Conflict

Bug -

Game immediately crashed upon spawning of the “Accursed Patrol” purge.
Closed game and relaunched from PS4 hub.

Logged in to see one thrall (Level 20 Accursed Berserker in Void Bone Dragon Armor) sink below the map, followed a minute later by a message saying they had died.
All other Combat Thralls of similair levels are missing and had dissapeared from the follower list - I assume the same thing happened.

Purge had auto-completed upon logging back in.
Pets are still alive as are thralls that were on Work Stations and Benches at the time.
Base heavily damaged but fixable.

Bug replication will have to wait until the next purge, but I’ve lost my drive to play for the moment.

Hello @Kosmiverse!

Could you please let us know the day and estimated time when this purge spawned?

We will also need the coordinates of your base :smile:

Thanks in advance.

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