Sands of the Lost RP-PVP server 18+

The Sands of the Lost is an established, mature PVP roleplay community based in the Conan Universe. We’re always looking for new players to join us! Friendly, welcoming players as well as responsible, fair-minded and ethical admins make this community a great place if you’re looking to explore RP in Hyboria, as either a beginner or an experienced role-player. Joining is easy. Just visit sandsofthelost(dot)enjin(dot)com, join the website and fill out the very short community application. Once approved you will have access to both the community Discord, and the server itself. We look forward to playing with you!

• Pippi - User & Server Management
• Unlock Plus (with pickup)

Server Settings:
• Increased leveling speed
• Increased harvesting quantity
• Slowed fuel burn speed
• Increased armor and weapon durability
• Slowed food spoilage rate
• Characters do not stay in game when logged out
• Players retain all items on death
• Avatars disabled
• Reduced crafting and thrall break time
• Extended all parts of the day cycle

Server Rules:
• There is no KOS, but players will be able to engage in PvP through RP and giving the target(s) a chance to emote whether they fight or flee.
• Wars are to be declared between clans in order to raid structures.
• A PvP death counts as being knocked out, character death must be agreed on.
• No offline raiding.
• Global Chat is OOC, Local chat is IC. We do not use voice for RP
• Above all else, be kind and courteous to your friends and fellow roleplayers here.

We’ve had a good number of people join in the last few days, but we’re always looking for more!