Sandstorm in Palace of Witch Queen

After killing the Witchqueen I explored the lower parts of the palace in the water and went AFK to make some food. When i come back i find myself in a loading screen, I recorded the last 5 minutes to see what happened and i was receiving sandstorm damage (there was obvs a sandstorm happening outside). I lost alot of stuff 1k brimstone, 1k bark and 500 odd demon blood. fix this please.

By some miracle i was able to loot my body by spamming X around where i died. Mustve fallen through floor.

Will edit the previous post (if i can) and i apologise. But still, fix the sandstorm issue and pleasr try and stop bodies from disappearing upon death, even after relogging.

This is a known bug which I think I’ve read has already been addressed and will be fixed for you in a future patch. Until then, keep a mask handy mate :mask:

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And remember: Bugs live longer than demon spiders! Any bug may, in fact, be permanent.

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