Savage Exiles - x3XP x3H fast craft - Dedicated 7700k Box

Guys and Gals,

Please feel free to come check out a great server that is PVP, based in NYC, and has 0 issues with lag.

Our box only runs this one server, so it is as clean as it can get. We have a helpful staff, as well as a great community of players that have come on board. There is lots of PVP and raiding, not for the feint of heart. We do have a lot of players, allied, etc which makes for great battles. Even the thralls will give you a hard time since they actually work and attack since no lag. They are at 1.5x strength so it is not a walk in the park.

We have a sponsored discord and will be going give a ways brought to you by our friends at Logitech.

We are listed on the VIP front page of Top Conan Servers for life, we have great exposure and reviews. Check us out, would love to have you



Forgot to mention will be hosting events and have logitech prizes for winners.