Savage Wilds emote locations

I recently (about a month ago?) started playing Savage Wilds for the first time and I’m trying to find all the emotes and pet emotes but am having a hard time of it. I can find guides and maps for recipe locations but I cannot find anything that tells where the locations of the emotes are. All the recipe location guides I’ve found either don’t list any of the emote locations or only list a few but not nearly all. Does anyone know where I can find a guide/list of where all the emotes are found?


There is no such map, as far as I understand. Emotions are scattered across camps and thematic locations, for example, religious ones need to be looked for near the altars.

Doesn’t really help me locate the specific ones I’m looking for.
I’m trying to find the Seduce and Sit (pet) emotes and neither has been where I’d have thought it’d be thematically appropriate.
Tbh I’d have thought the seduce Emote would be near the derketo trainer but I couldn’t find it anywhere there nor at the bed chamber where the lady is dancing for a guy.
And don’t even know where to begin looking for the sit (pet) one cause the eat and relax were in places that could describe half the npc camps on the map.

Just stumbled across a collection of ‘sexual’ emotions (squirm, seduce) quite by accident in a small camp of Dogs - tamers of tigers in the highlands in H6.

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I will go check it out, thanks very much.

If you play solo, there is a special mod “Emotes for thralls” that contains all the emotions for pets. You can make trawls walk along selected routes, etc.

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