Bottle emotes not appearing at their locations

The Snake and Belly Dance emotes are not appearing at their intended locations. Other people have noticed this same. Please fix. I travelled long ways to get these emotes and they are not there.

They don’t have 100% chance to spawn afaik, similar to the fragment of power chests in the UC in the exiled lands.

So, unless you’re lucky and time it right, you may never get those emotes … not sure how I feel about that. Those were my favourite dances.

It may take a while but never … You can also trade them.

Hmm, not sure I like the sound of this from a singleplayer perspective. Those relic fragment chests seem to almost never spawn (probably because the ‘server’ is rarely on for long enough - as I understand it they have some sort of timer that means it can be up to 12 hours before they spawn?), but it doesn’t matter too much because there’s other ways to get fragments. If there’s going to be things locked behind not only RNG but also delayed spawn times, that pretty much removes them from singleplayer unless some other way is provided to obtain them…

Luckily, single player people have full access to the admin panel and if they don’t want to wait, they can spawn them in. They are just emotes but I have seen them in co-op, so they should spawn in single player too.

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Absolutely possible to spawn things in with the admin panel - but I’m not a big fan of doing it, even just for emotes. That’s one where it feels to me that it’s on the devs to take into account all player modes with some of these ideas. Emotes certainly aren’t important (they don’t actually affect the game in any way, obviously), but locking anything behind a mechanism that I already know to be very time-consuming in singleplayer is not something I’m a fan of.

Certainly I would expect that they are capable of spawning in singleplayer - those relic chests do spawn, it’s just that it generally takes several hours of being in that area, and that’s if you get lucky (if the 12 hour figure I referenced is correct, then any session under six hours has less than 50% chance to get them to spawn (unless the chance is also weighted) - plus it’s entirely possible that if you leave the area the timers stop (I imagine if I’m in the highlands it’s unlikely my computer is still running timers in the Unnamed City?).

I guess it’s the lack of another ‘in game’ way that bothers me. Hardly the biggest issue, but I would like to see them find another way… (Or come up with some sort of useful alternative suggestion myself so this post isn’t just complaining with no solutions… But we can’t always get what we want… (Sometimes it’s locked behind 12 hour timers :wink: ).)

I play online and don’t have access to admin tools and the I have the option to “interact” with it, but the bottle is like glitched under ground, so even though I hit “E” on the Interact option, I don’t actually get the scroll to learn it. Tried resetting and all. Very frustrating. Bugs like this needs to be fixed

Can anyone point me to where the locations might be? I haven’t found squat lol

@HeavenCiffer have you reported it with location coordinates and all?

It’s not just the emotes. It would be anything that works with similar mechanics. For example, I was checking out a resource map and noticed entries for language dictionaries, which I haven’t seen before. So I picked one that should be near where I built and went to check it out. Nothing.

Took a couple of days, but I did eventually stumbled across one. Was hoping they’d display some cool text or something like pseudo-translating what you wrote into hieroglyphics, but nah. They apparently just prevent someone who doesn’t have the language from reading it, so it’s not even worth the RP value in single player.

Point is though, having something RP focused like that just not be there can get rather discouraging.

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Hey @Trishmariep, we recently made a guide to all locations, hope that helps. Also, 2 of the locations are still bugged under the mesh, but I believe Belly Dance should be possible to still pick up from under the sand (given the bottle is there).

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@Narelle, there are currently 2 bugged emote bottles and they’ve been reported to the devs with coordinates, hopefully they’ll get fixed with one of the next updates.

By the way, some of the language chests are also bugged, so while already very challenging to find due to the Fragments of Power mechanic, some are currently impossible to find.

Unfortunatley, Belly Dance is not. It gives the option to “interact with it by presssing ‘E’” but, you don’t get the scroll to actually learn the dance. It’s so frustrating. It’s the once dance I really want

That sucks, hopefully a fix will be in one of the next updates. At least you know where to find the dance emote, so just a little bit more waiting and I’m sure you’ll have it in no time!

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