Make all emote unlock at level 1

I hate having to find every emote. All emotes unlock at level 1 removes emote bugs and glitches. This way the players can focus on recipes,crafting and the game.

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Well, it is kinda strange to ask for that. Finding things is one of the aims of the game, and I dont see how having them delivered to you further enhances the game for “overall people”.

IF you playing Solo, Coop or your own server, you can admin and just teleport to all of them using a map site like to get all of them. As it can be used to find all recipes and other stuff in the game if you want them delivered right to you.

Otherwise, I bet a lot of people like that they can hunt down emotes and in a server be like “the emote kings or queens” because they took the time to find them in that specific server. Plus, it is not only the emotes you find, but lore pieces linked to specific emotes that gets you further in the story of the game.

Alas, you have the option to admin up and get them all at once, and also use that to help yourself of anything you want unlocked “at level 1”.


Emotes don’t effect the story. Emotes offers 0% boost. Flirting and many body emotes is common emote everyone should know by heart. Emotes are a wasted thing to find. No emote is use as a key to unlock a door,chest or etc in Conan Exiles. You waste time finding emotes, when you could be raiding or defending a base.

Have you bothered to read the texts from the places you get emotes from ?
There are more things to “impact” than just stats. Some of us do like to learn the story and pay attention to what we read and hear, and that sometimes save us time headbutting stones to find things someone already told us where it is.
Again, this is not a MOBA, this is not a MMORPG, many people who play this game do not care about raiding as much as others do not care about finding emotes.

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Emotes have no relationship with the story or lore. The stone slabs with runic magic tells the story or Lore.

So no, you never read the things you get emotes from.'s_Journals#Journal_.232

Special attention to the second and third journals.


Unfortunately Im going to have to decline your generous offer. I like having to find all of the Emotes, just as I enjoy having to find all of the Recipes. It gives us something to do and adds longevity, especially around endgame.


Same here, I enjoy going out and finding everything. Some days I get tired of building and killing, and just want to go exploring. Finding all the emotes gives me something to work for, not everyone plays pvp and is worried about base defense at all times.


I see the point… but disagree.

I still enjoy finding them. Anyone new who finds them, its a neat little award for finding many of journals and ghosts. They each have little story to tell in most cases.

I can see once you’ve gone thru game a few times… its not as fun, and be nice to just have them right away on a new character. There a few recipes i admin to, just cause i’ve traveled that road way to many times. Or simply just know there locations at this point.

As someone who restarts over on 2nd PSN alot… it can be tedious. I don’t think taking that function away from anyone whos new is worth it to the few who don’t wanna traverse map for them again and again.

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Yes exactly, well said Arsenalcontrol. And even if this sounds bit corny, its a bit like a ‘treasure hunt’ finding them. I enjoy that.

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It adds work. After a major update or few updates I am force to start over in offline single player.

If you use others maps to find them or the wikia,then you aren’t finding them on your own. You are using someone else’s work.

Survival games are all about work. It is fundamental to them.

Thats funny, because I am a purely Offline Singlplayer and I havent lost any since launch time. In fact I still have them all now.


What bases are you raiding and defending? You only play singleplayer.

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Well, out of curiosity, what exactly is your motivation to change this if you are playing offline solo? Emotes are for conversation and interactions with other players. It don’t get to me why you even have to bother with collecting them, at all!?

No, finding emotes is great!!! Id love to see emotes secretly being added in game with every major patch,!!! Obviously for the one that said that finding emotes is bad cause u need to be raiding instead of searching them etc, my friend OBVIOUSLY also making emotes is bad, because instead of making them u should be raiding etc …

exploring is a key feature of conan exiles and for me it doesn’t matter if it is a recipe, emote or a simple lore stone. it’s fun so no to this suggestion from my side.

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Did you start over in single player mode?

True. Emote farming a waste for single player mode and online modes.

I like to 100% a game. One of every item must be found.