Can we remove base emotes and cooking recipes

I want to clean up the Conan Exiles Map. By putting all the cooking recipes in stoves. This would boost the value of the stoves.

I want to remove all emotes books and allow all emotes to be auto learn from the start of the game. Emotes don’t do anything. Learning all emotes at start of game won’t make you op.

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They are an incentive to explore.


I think the OP is wanting to remove spaces on the map that will result in a ToS enforcement.


But that’s a terrible idea. As @Tephra pointed out, there is a reason they are scattered around the map. It encourages you to explore. However, terrible ideas is what one would expect from Bryan Skull. :woman_shrugging:


It wouldn’t. Stoves are already required to craft those recipes. That’s their value. Removing the prerequisite of unlocking the recipe does not alter the requirement for the stove, therefore it does not alter the value of the stove in any way.

Given that the unlocking through exploration has a positive effect of encouraging exploration, and given that your proposal does not bring any positive effect to replace that, your idea is a net negative to the game, and is therefore a bad idea.

Same as above: discovering emotes encourages exploration. Same as above: your proposal is a net negative for the game, therefore it’s a bad idea.

Most of the recipes and emotes are situated either in camps and settlements, which are already themselves protected by ToS enforcement, or in areas that don’t have any special advantage when it comes to building. Plus, they occupy a really small footprint and are therefore easy not to block.

If there is a specific recipe or emote that doesn’t meet the above criteria and poses a problem, a suggestion to move it would probably be met with more approval than… this.

EDIT: I should clarify that I’m talking about the Exiled Lands map. Thanks for pointing that out, @stelagel.

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Emotes don’t make you op??

Talk to me again while I’m performing my haka!


In Siptah unfortunately not. The e mote bottles are not protected at all. Anyone can build around them and “ruin it” for the others.
@BallsofSteel I am really sorry I disagree too. I love the run for e motes, it’s a pve thing. It’s true I don’t use them except the bear hug and the belly dance, still oi want them all and I love the journey!
About cooking recipes if you are suggesting that you’ll be able to have them all just by unlocking the stoves, or the brewing recipes by unlocking the fermentation barrel, then again no, sorry. In Siptah I find out that the Aquilonian surge tier 4 is giving specialist brewing 3, so imagine that I was so mad for the useless effort of this surge and this recipe only made my day :man_shrugging:. So they do have a way to make you happy in any case.
I love them exactly as they are, sorry.

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Emotes aren’t a reason to explore. You explore to have fun not be rewarded. Emotes take up data. Data laying around with no story to it. The battle pass has emotes in it. None of you complain about that. Emotes offer zero op factor. I want recipes that are able to be found place in stoves. That counts all types of stoves.

Giving the players all the found emotes and removing them from being found cleans up a lot of data and lag.

[Citation Needed]

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Yes, they are.

I don’t know about Siptah, but many of the emotes in the Exiled Lands come with a story.

Have you tried playing the game before you asserting that it needs to change to cater to your misconceptions about it?

And I want the city life mechanics. Guess which one of these requests is going to have more support from other players?

No, it doesn’t. There is zero evidence supporting that emotes in the world produce any lag, and speaking as someone who has actually worked in the game development industry, there’s no logic behind what you’re saying either.


I am getting into modding, and surprisingly the notes are the highest polygon count meshes. Like 100000000000000 polygons. JK :slight_smile: They literally are nothing in the data base. Not much more than a basic 128x128 texture to be honest.

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Fallout new Vegas and fallout 3. When I gather all the junk lying around my game became less laggy. What is a recipe is no more than an item. Some emotes have animations. Which causes lags.

This is not Fallout. And you don’t know what you’re talking about.


I’d be really curious* to see how you play this game, because based on your previous insistence that your thralls should go out and gather stuff for you and this attempt to remove any reason to actually go out and explore the map it sounds like you just want to putter around your base while the game plays itself around you. I’m genuinely mystified why you even play this game, because nothing you’ve posted, under this name or as Bryan, gives me the impression that you want to engage with it at all.

*Not really.

Exploring is about the experience you have with friends. Finding the perfect base spot. Searching for ingredients. Looking at the night sky of Conan Exiles.

Answer this question.

1.) Animations can cause lag right? Yes! By removing these animations we remove lag.

The ghosts only appear when you are next to them, only play for a few seconds, and have no AI. The lag they may cause would be utterly negligible. The grass and tree branches waving in the wind around them probably cause more lag.


Add all that lag up.

Yes, the oceans are made up of 350 quintillion buckets of water.
No, removing one bucket of water will not make a difference.


While this one sympathizes with performance issues…
This one thinks that there may be better optimization options.

Current placement of recipes is extremely obtuse in many cases. Just, absurdly so. How did those documents get up on those pillars?
On a personal level, this one loves the side quest to learn Pride of the Aesir armour. Placement makes sense. It encourages exploration. It builds on the story of the game.
This one would prefer if some recipes were learned for coin in Seperemu or the North Wreck on Siptah.
This one also would prefer if the Lasting Feast were still in the game.
Then again, the dozens upon dozens of recipes do so very little. So many dishes, so little to distinguish them…

As for ghosts… This one once again finds many of their placements quizzical. Some are perfect and make sense, others are somewhat whimsical. Unfortunately, placing them in intuitive locations will add to client load. Placing them in the middle of nowhere is often absurd (except for the treasure hunter ghosts, those are grand).
Solutions for emotes, this one would honestly prefer if they were learned from book or merchant. Go to Seperemu, learn snake dance from one of the dancers on stage. Because most factions are kill on sight, this limits options for merchantile or conversant interactions… But just as some Pirates are willing to do business while most will shank you, so to could we use a couple more conversant Nords and Cimmerians.
Or even give the non hostile skelos cultists more to say/do.

It is frustrating when the dancer on the way below decks on the stone ship lags the game. Sympathies. But perhaps a solution would be less extreme than moving them en bulk.

As for rewards for exploration… This one infinitely prefers lorestones (especially if they teach something) and loot to emotes and food recipes for things hidden in obscure places.