Make all emote unlock at level 1

That’s not what I’m saying and I think you know that. If you can’t formulate a response without putting words in someone’s mouth then I suggest you keep yours shut.

I answered your questions. So hostile. I stated that I played online and didn’t like it.

You don’t need emotes finding to explore or to do anything else. Emotes searching actually slows down exploring. It offers nothing to the player. There is no daily emote quest to gain free loot to use a certain emote. Building,Farming,Boss Fights,Pets,World Boss,Exploring and etc. As well as future Major updates of sorcery and the settlement system.

For myself, saying exploring for emotes actually slows down exploring is entirely false. It might be for you, but is not for me, and perhaps is or isn’t for other players.

I dont support this idea btw.

I happen to enjoy running accross the odd emote as a surprise ‘happy find’ when I’m running around doing other stuff. Some emotes i know by heart and rush to them as they fit my current characters concept, but still, its super cool to just happen upon them by chance in my random travels.

I’m single-player mode all the way, all the time, btw.

To me the emotes are a fun collectable and i use 'em from time to time when I’m goofing off.
If i wanted them all at level 1 I’d just get a mod that did that or make it myself; It’s likely easy to do or to ask help with doing on the modding discord.

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This is the reply chain:

Do you even pay attention to who you’re posting your repetitive responses to?

Emotes serve no value in Conan Exiles offline single player mode. Most of you doesn’t see the future of Conan Exiles. Or the possibility of 100 new Emotes being added as at random locations. Or Funcom making 100 Emotes dlc as cosmic item.

I’ll make the decision of what has value in my offline single player gaming, thank you very much.

I find value in emotes for them. You don’t have the right to speak for me.

I’d prefer them to be findable and not freely added at level 1 thanks.

You say that now. But Time has always proven my version to be correct.

You are hilarious. Care to tell me what my favorite food is now?

Emotes have value in my single player games. And I don’t want them at level 1, I want to find them. I play in single-player mode. This is all you need to know.

Do you really think I’m ‘arguing with you to prove a point’, or that maybe, just maybe, I’m only being honest about my personal preferences?

MY personal preferences. Yours are clearly different. Who cares. Yours are yours, mine are mine. Adults understand this is OK.

And like @Shadoza here says, beautifully I might add, I too don’t wish them to be handed to me for free at level 1. If I wanted that, I’d get a mod that did that, or do admin stuff to gain it.

“Time has always proven my version to be correct.” LMFAO.



Never RP’d before? just used one of sit ones to chill on cliff edge and watch sun rise? Had co-op going?
I use them for screen caps to mostly.


I agree Sera, I still use them too. Every time I defeat a powerful Boss such as Thag in the Wine Cellar dungeon, I stand next to their broken body with either my Sword of Crom or Croms Hammer in hand and perform the “By Crom” emote.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow:

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if I have to choose between the two features then I stick to the fact that I prefer to go on a exploration trip and be rewarded for it than to get everything from the start and get bored after a short time because there is nothing more to discover.

and to look for a sense in a game is worthless at all. it’s a game mechanic you like or you don’t like. I like it the way it is

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I think Sit at campfire is my most used, and sit in night next to campfire as i wait for night to past.

And stand pray for awhile, looking for hidden things at different altars. XD


Well, isn’t this a fuss of Shakespearean proportions? You know, “Much Ado About Nothing”? :wink:

All joking aside, I see no reason to unlock all emotes at level 1. As others have already pointed out, there are interesting pieces of backstory and lore and worldbuilding details around emotes, it encourages the exploration of the world and helps immersion. For those who want to opt out of all of that, there are several websites out there that show the exact location of each emote on the map, so it’s really easy to get them all. The time you “waste” on getting them pales in comparison to all the rest of the grind.

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Emotes aren’t lore. Emotes are a social aspect of the game. I have restarted so many times. I see no value in locking emotes. There is no dungeon for Emotes. You can’t disable traps with emotes. Emotes don’t offer bonus.

Maybe my point was too subtle. Here, I’ll repeat it with added emphasis:

I hope it’s clearer now.

Repetition doesn’t make you right. Emotes might be a social aspect of the game, but the process of their discovery has been intentionally designed to help people explore the world, discover lore and advance in the story and journeys.

There are no gameplay mechanics that benefit from the players knowing the backstory, either. Should we eliminate it completely? Or should we unlock it all right from the start and just let those who are interested read it in a tab? Or maybe we should get rid of the journey steps that require you to discover the lore tablets? While we’re at it, we could also get rid of all the exploration-related journeys. In fact, let’s get rid of Conan, because there are no bonuses associated with him.


Emotes don’t have a story to them. The lore stones explain everything.

Are your feet wet? Can you see the pyramids? 'Cause you’re knee deep in De Nile…

Harlot’s Journal, Ophirean Journal, Raknys’ Journal, they all teach you emotes and contain bits of story.


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