Regarding the 2.6 update ... lack of wildlife fixed?

They fixed the npc count around camps. Only camps? Did they fix the issue with lack of wildlife like in the starting location in isle of sipath where the belly dance emote is nearby, there used to be the pink flamingos. Are the pink flamingos back? I don’t have the testlive downloaded cuz my comp is sht but can someone tell me?

Give me a teleport location and I’ll look for ya.

the starting place … near the belly dance emote in isle of sipath. The right side of the map in the middle

I really hope they actually put them in proper locations and we don’t have a bunch of deer chilling with spiders like i keep seeing🙄

@Multigun, the lack of wildlife is an issue that only occurs in single player, but the belly dance location @redbullmixdabacardi is talking about is:

TeleportPlayer 283408.125 14970.038086 -20420.125


I can’t comment on Siptah yet, because I haven’t been back to check it (I’ll try to get some time today, since I remember where some of the missing animal spawns were). Exiled Lands is definitely looking more populated - I can’t say for certain that everything is back, but a lot of stuff that I knew was missing is back and even a few things that have been gone so long I forgot they were missing.

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@redbullmixdabacardi Animal spawns in general seem to be back in both exiled lands and siptah. Certainly all the ones I knew were missing seem to be back (in singleplayer). I can’t say anything about pink flamingos, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any on siptah, but there’s certainly pelicans around the area where the belly dance emote is (which weren’t there last time I was there).

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True on Playstation I started single player Siptah barbaric mode and there are missing spawns, but only in single player mode, in official servers they spawn correctly.

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This. Testlive shows various Pelicans in the area. No “Pink flamingo” of any kind exists that I can find. There is a Pink Shoebill that spawns on the Exile Lands (not Siptah to my knowledge. Possibly in an earlier build of Siptah or something).


oh my bad yeah i meant pelicans

but you saw them around the starting area, correcT?

I saw them where I was given a teleport location.

do you know when the testlive will become implemented


Is there any plan to get striped equines as originally intended?

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