Score – Videogame music with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

I originally posted about this concert on the old TSW forums 4 years ago. But I thought maybe there have been a lot of new people, and maybe it might be something people have time for in these days.

The concert was recently added with english subtitles, so people wont have to wonder what they are saying in the short bits where they speak.

Before the concert starts there is a short interview with a member of the orchestra and a Swedish game blogger.

Song list (or suite list :smiley: ):
Journey - I Was Born For This
Assains Creed IV: Black Flag - Suite
Amiga Medley
Final Fantasy IX - Suite
The Last Of Us - All Gone No Escape
Super Mario Suite (17 different parts!)
Bloodborne - Suite
Megaman - Suite
The Legend Of Zelda - Suite
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Dragonborn Comes
Final Fantasy VI - Aria The Mezzo Carattere


Aw man, that Amiga Medley… Especially Secret of Monkey Island.

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