Your most favourite gametrailer

Let’s see it. The game trailer that made you squee and get goose bumps. It can be gameplay or CGI or combination. One rule though: No TSW/SWL trailers, that’d make it too easy for some of you!

Here’s mine: Halo 2!

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Can we extend it to trailers and intros:
Spellforce: Order of dawn:

WH 40k: Dawn of war:

Black and White:

Sword of the Stars:

Empire Earth:

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not really a trailer but:

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I still really love this one. It’s rather simple, but for a Guilty Gear fan who figured her franchise was dead, it was the best thing to have ever happened.

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My most favorite game ever (sorry TSW and SWL!). I still occasionally play it :smiley: It’s just… So amazing and even the trailer back then was “OMG”