Your most favourite gametrailer


Let’s see it. The game trailer that made you squee and get goose bumps. It can be gameplay or CGI or combination. One rule though: No TSW/SWL trailers, that’d make it too easy for some of you!

Here’s mine: Halo 2!


Can we extend it to trailers and intros:
Spellforce: Order of dawn:

WH 40k: Dawn of war:

Black and White:

Sword of the Stars:

Empire Earth:


not really a trailer but:


I still really love this one. It’s rather simple, but for a Guilty Gear fan who figured her franchise was dead, it was the best thing to have ever happened.


EVE Online and Cowboy Bebop… Together at last.


My most favorite game ever (sorry TSW and SWL!). I still occasionally play it :smiley: It’s just… So amazing and even the trailer back then was “OMG”